Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I really hoped that today would be the day that I could post video on my blog.
Today is not the day.
But I couldn't neglect this:

BYU showed this video before kickoff.


As much as I love BYU and Cougar football, I love my freedom more.

Thanks, BYU, for keeping priorities in perspective.

Who could tutor me on video uploading? It's driving me crazy. I've tried and tried and tried and tried . . .


  1. Are you trying to upload from another site on the web or from your own computer/camera?

  2. I could probably help you with that, send me the site address, and I'll see if it's the same as others I've done.

  3. When I clicked on that link, a web page came up and not the video. Sounds interesting though, so let me know if you get it posted! (Or am I the only one not seeing it?)