Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Overwhelmed and Unrested

Life just seems to get the better of us some days, doesn't it?

No matter how I schedule my time, there's never enough of it.
Today just disappeared with the addition of a surprise visit to the doctor to check Eve's incisions and two surprise visits to the dentist. Goodbye, Wednesday.
And my last two nights? Shot. Little Miss Princess has decided she needs companionship all day and all night. This leaves me physically exhausted and emotionally fragile. Goodbye, Wednesday.
There is only so much I can do, and there never seems to be enough of me to go around.

College child.
High school child.
Junior high child.
Elementary child.
Kindergarten child.
Potty-training child.

Relief Society lesson looming.
Wedding looming.
Laundry looming.
Mess accumulating.

Oh, and did I mention that the post-pregnancy follicle revolt started? Losing my hair faster than a 50-year-old man.

Some days you just want to sit down, cry, then crawl into bed for the day.

These are the days where I can just see Satan smiling, thinking, "I've gotten the best of her today."

I'm done feeling sorry for myself.
Time to put on my boots and kick life around.
So many problems can be answered with a great pair of boots.


  1. I have no great words of wisdom. You have just made me feel so much better because I feel overwhelmed everyday and now I know that I am not alone. You are amazing. You are very organized. You are such a great mom and set such a good example for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is interesting how loss of sleep emphasizes all worries, work load and pain. I know you will still be your amazing self and get it all done, but it would be nice to feel under control. I'm glad you are blessed with a loving, helpful family. (Sometimes they are normal, though, and add to the work.) Good luck with all you have to do, and I know better than some just how much that is. Maybe tonight there will be sleep.... Ah...

  3. Oh Jen, I had THAT day yesterday. I ended up crying most of the day. I think acknowledging that Satan is the number 1 reason we feel down is important, it gives us some power. I know that I was praying all day yesterday. And today has been better. Thank Heavens! This too shall pass... I have truly enjoyed being your blogging friend. Thanks for sharing with me.

  4. Yep, you have one heck of a list going there. That'd be enough to keep three or four women busy.

    Hope you get some sleep soon! That sleep deprivation thing makes every mountain seem about ten times steeper. (Not that I have to tell you, the actual sleep-deprived person that.)

    In the meantime, of course, the *bleep*-kickin' boots seem like a good alternative...


  5. Oh Jenny, when you put it all down on paper, it seems all tha much more overwhelming. It truly is amazing how much we can accomplish in a day. You are an amazing Mom and woman and I just hope you get a little sleep soon so you can feel better. Hang in there friend!

  6. You will make it! I loved the dresses for the little girls.

    Thanks for just being my friend.

    Love Ya

  7. I'm tired just thinking about your life. You deserve a nice feeling sorry for yourself every once in a while.