Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Want Fries with That Temptation?

Brad and I made a pact.
New Year's Day, 2010, we would embark on the "No refined sugar" adventure.
I've done it before.
He had been doing it since his surgery Christmas Eve.
And I was ready. After all, there is a wedding lurking in my very near future.

I fell off that wagon last Thursday. Actually, it was more like a perfect swan dive into a beautiful slice of heaven:

White cake with raspberry sauce and whipped frosting.
Don't tell Brad.
I couldn't help myself. It was free. Because I was such an exemplary mother of the patient during Eve's hospital escapade, the surgeon sent me down to the hospital cafeteria with a voucher for lunch.

When something is free, doesn't your willpower disappear? Spread before me were all the delicacies of a hospital cafeteria. (That sounds like an oxymoron, no? But remember, this is a brand-new facility, complete with top-of-the-line munchies.) Any sandwich my brain could create, a shiny grill with aromas of cooking meat, rows of sodas and juices and milk. And there was the dessert island. Art, I tell you. Pure art. Cakes, cookies, brownies--oh, did I see a basket of fruit?--pastries. All arranged to tempt woman.
I tried to resist. Really, I did. But I just couldn't. It was FREE, friends. Why waste FREE on an orange and a turkey sandwich. It defeats the "gift" aspect of FREE. So I succumbed.

Cheeseburger and fries
And that decadent raspberry confection
pure bliss

I proceeded to the register, loaded with delicacies aplenty and a small permission slip.
I set the tray down, and in her accented English, the cashier brusquely cautioned, "This only good for five dollah. You owe $4.96."
My bubble had burst, but I refused to relinquish my treasures. Fine. Five bucks for lunch in the hospital is reasonable, I guess. I would have spent that at Arby's across the street. And there was no way I was changing my meal.

I headed to my seat and ate like I hadn't seen food in weeks--Survivor meets Grey's Anatomy. I watched the people, wondering what brought the non-uniformed patrons there--tragedies, appointments, or like me, minor procedures. I watched the employees, huddled in castes--janitorial, security, aides, nurses.

And I enjoyed my sinful sugary cake--every bite.

I'm back on the wagon now, a bit reluctantly I might add. But it's only three months till the wedding, and I've got to make the change sometime.

Besides, wedding cake tasting is slated for February 12th. I can wait that long.


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  2. Woman, you are in deep trouble. I have free candy at the office, but do I succumb? No, I do not. I eat carrots and macadamia nuts. Repent!!

  3. ok was going to write something funny and read Brad's post. Laughed and forgot the funny part. I am sure that you were thinking about Eve when you ate this yummy treat that you would share with her. She was having a difficult day and you wanted to sweetin her day.

  4. I would have given back the orange. You know, to make my total a bit less.

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  6. Hilarious! By the way, the link to the video in your previous post sends me to the Cox home page so I can't figure out where to go to see what you to upload so I can help you! Make sense?!?

    And really, how do we know the Bishop doesn't sneak a Tootsie Roll every now and then? I would swear he smelled of chocolate last time I was in there....hmmmmmmm

  7. I am on the wagon, Jen, and looking at that piece of cake has just about done me in tonight just before dinner.

    I think I'd better go stuff myself full of carrots and take the edge off before I go nutso.


  8. Love you, LOVE this post! So well written, and hilarious! I agree, 'tis to difficult to say no. I swear every day to give it up, and alas, the devil wins every time.

  9. Too funny! I too, would NOT have given up a yummilicious raspberry cake. The way I look at it...the cake was just had to pay for cheeseburger and fries. (Like my logic?)