Saturday, January 16, 2010

There's Always a Lurker

When you think you've managed to organize, purge, fix, file, dismantle all that Christmas stuff, you always find one more decoration:
I think he was enjoying the flowers too much.
Maybe he waited around for a bonus Christmas wish:
Santa, I wish that Hyrum would poop in the potty. Can you arrange that?


  1. We found three leftover Christmas gifts. Dave is always thrilled to have to hoist them up to the attic after the fact.


    PS. If I could grant your potty wish, I would. Maybe the potty fairy?

  2. So glad to know I'm not the only one!!

  3. Who could blame him? Look at those flowers, would you want to go back to the frozen north? I always seem to find a gift I had forgotten. This year was no different, last week I found a game my sister sent us months ago. Carefully hidden in the back of the closet, all wrapped and labeled. It was a fun surprise though, and a fun game!

  4. This just cracked me up. Seriously, something so wrong seeing a Santa next to those gorgeous flowers!