Monday, January 18, 2010

The Trifecta

Days like this never happen in my life
Cloudy and a bit chilly
Great book
Time to read

Thanks, Sue for the recommendation. Blindly trusting Sue's unbounded wisdom, I suggested that our book club read The Forgotten Garden, by Sue Morton. Worth your time. And if you can find a rare cloudy AZ day and a fireplace, nothing's better.



  1. So, I assume the kitchen's clean? Just curious.

  2. Glad you liked it, Jen. It was a nice, dreamy book for just such an afternoon as you describe.


    PS. And thanks for the honorable mention. heehee

  3. Sooo happy that you just got to sit and read, you deserved that! I love a dreary day out as long as I can sit inside and look out at it.