Tuesday, February 9, 2010

28-Day Organizing Challenge and a Plea

I've never been one to back down from a challenge.
Maybe that's one reason I got into that girl fight back in eighth grade--it ws worth it to lose a clumpful of hair to prove my grit.
Now, in 2010, I'm accepting a different challenge. Organizing Junkie is sponsoring a contest for the month of February to organize a space. For those regular followers of my blog, you know that organizing is my drug of choice. But, those same regular followers know that I'm also in the midst of planning a wedding. And those two things have come together to create the perfect storm--piles and piles of stuff in my library.
I just redid my family room (see this post for part of the results). But when I did, I lost a bookshelf and tons of storage. So, where did all the tchotchkes, books, and games end up? Piled in the library, of course.
I can't believe I'm posting this. Quite embarrassing, my friends.
Does anyone else find this picture hilarious? I found this little gem buried behind my kids' books. It was so helpful there!Can you believe all the books? Combine Brad's law school keepers, my history texts, my penchant for purchasing any cool art history book I can find, Brad's minor in English, all of our Church books, children's books for every age, and two older boys that read books like breathing air, this room had gotten all out of kilter and out of control.Notice the broken drawer front below. Ah, Hyrum, my little love. That drawer houses the paper and crayons. It gets a little bit of use, I tell you.
I fully recognize that I am very spoiled to have a room in my house dedicated to books. But . . . it's time to bring back some order, don't you think? Wish me luck!

And here is my heartfelt plea:
If there is anyone here who could spare a morning to show me how to create an address file for my wedding addresses, I'd be forever in your debt. I've tried on three separate occasions, and I can't seem to get the file to work or to save or to retrieve. And that's a lot of time spent for nothing, my friends. Plus, I'm ordering invitations this week. Help me!

And for today's "Things-I'd-never-thought-I'd-utter-before-I-was-a-mom" quote:
(uttered dripping wet just as I'd gotten out of the shower) "Thank you for asking me to wipe your bum!"


  1. Looks like you have a serious work day ahead of you. Enjoy!

  2. I'm a blog stalker. I am Jennifer, Tami Brubaker's sister, and quite possibly Heidi's future favorite Aunt-in-law, (although there are several of us vying for the honor). We are in the middle of our third wedding in three years and are quite expert at wedding lists. Tami is too, by the way. Call us, email us, whatever and we'll help you with it.

  3. I can do it no problem! See, that is what bestest friends are for.

  4. Actually - send me your file - give me your invites and envelopes and I will print on each envelope and stuff and stamp for that matter. I did it for Scott and Lisa - you can't have as many as they did!

    PS - don't forget to add my Parents to your list.

  5. Jenny!!! I am posting an inspired organizing tool that was inspired by Tip Junkie!!! Keep posted on that! What are you doing Friday!? I would love to come help you on Excell or to make address stickers (can't remember what they are called!) Let me know...I can hold miss Eve while you enter everything too! added bonus!! :) Well...I just read Karen's and if she doesn't I'll help...let me know. my cell is 480-242-6444

  6. I will split it with Karen, if more help is wanted! I can totally do that, can't believe you tried 3 times on your own before you sent out a plea, a text would have sufficed! And that's totally something we can take off your hands, unlike ordering flowers or setting up meetings with a caterer. Although I am available to help taste test!

    Good luck on the organizing project, I have a similar addicition to books, it's a burden I'm thankful to have!

  7. I love Jennifer's comment, because it shows that Heidi's in-laws have a sense of humor. Just one more of many good signs that she has found a keeper!


  8. I guess I should say in-laws-to-be...


  9. I wish I lived close by, I'd be there right away. We could let the babies play on the floor. Good luck with the library, looks like a project.

  10. I am so sorry I am of no use to you in organizing or in computer anything. I do love your motherly phrase and I laughed because I am sure I have said it myself. Sheesh! What a life we have:)Good luck!

  11. You can do it! Can't wait to see the results. (Yes, I can and will so don't panic and take your time.)

  12. To Jennifer - the blog stalker...what no link to your blog? We here in Az are crazy curious about Heidi's soon to be family in law and are really disappointed we cannot blog stalk you to find out a little (or alot)!
    Come on dish....