Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ELF (and That's Not Will Ferrell, Folks!)

I hate the word diet.
I am obsessed with the bathroom scale.

Why is it that when the number moves below where it normally rests, I automatically have a great day?
Why is it that when it rests a little too high, I immediately feel fat?
Why is it that when the scale changes from its customary 0 to the next 9 below, it feels like such a victory, when it's only just a pound?

I am only 3-4 pounds away from the goal I set to achieve before the wedding and still nursing. I've NEVER been able to lose my baby weight while nursing before. Never really cared this much before(there are wedding pictures involved, after all!). That goal weight is still about ten pounds above where I was last year at this time, but that number is completely unattainable while lactating. But I'm okay carrying a little more up top, if you know what I mean.
This is my new strategy for the next nine weeks (EEK!--nine weeks?) until Heidi's day--ELF ME.
Sunday evening I overheard a friend talking about her brother's miraculous loss of 80 pounds (EIGHTY POUNDS!). He had adopted a diet of his own creation--the ELF diet--Eat Less Food. It sounds so simple, and it really is. He just evaluates how much he would have eaten before his diet, and automatically eat half. Easy! I can do that, I think. And I added something for ME--Move Extra. I'll go up the stairs myself instead of sending the kids. I'll walk quickly through the house or parking lot or store. I'll chase my little boys and dance to Broadway show tunes with my big boys. I'll shoot hoops with Lily, and I'll walk my baby when she's fussy. Sniff--I can't return to my running since my hip is still injured, but I'll do what I can just living.

Sounds simple. Sounds like it just might work.
Care to join me?
I welcome all comers! Good luck, and I'll keep you posted (you know I will!).


  1. Jen I LOVE this!! First of all let me say..my baby is a lot older than yours (he's almost 8 months) and I'm still 10...ok...15 pounds from my ideal weight. Uugh. I hate the scale. I SHOULD go on it more. I can't believe you only have 3-4 pounds to go. And I really don't like being top heavy..I'm not a boob girl at all. I miss my pre-pregnancy small boobs but I'm months from those. I will join you on your ELF-ME diet...I think it's a great name too! You look fabulous for just having your...8th I think? And thank you for your comment on my blog!

  2. Just have to share. I love to follow your blog from all the way here in Michigan. You have some great nuggets of life truth with humor! I just lost 65 pounds mostly for good health and upcoming family weddings. Nothing close to the excitement of Heidi's(9weeks!yikes!) I cut out most of meat,salt and processed foods. Ate less and kept up the daily routine of rarely sitting down:).(Teacher) I am sure you know all the right foods so did I but I was amazed how my body held onto fat when I ate red meat and or processed foods like lunch meat. I was also told to eat more green veggies and fruit. Worked like a charm. Like the ELF idea.

  3. great acronym.

    I've got significantly more to lose after my baby, but the premise is the same. I'm also at a point with a "health condition" that eating well is actually about being well and the weight loss will be a benefit, not the purpose.

    good luck and cute blog!

  4. I love the ELF diet! Thanks for the idea! I lost my 25 with just cutting out snacks and desserts and absolutely eating nothing after 6:00. I need to get moving more and I am working on that!

  5. When you write the time 'til Heidi's wedding like that it seems so close! Ack! You can do it, you have amazing determination and will! Love the acronym, it's much better to think in terms of lifestyle than "diet"

  6. I honestly don't eat much, I just don't eat very healthy. Figure out a good acronym for me on that one. So I will join you on the ME part. (Truly I think I'll get in big trouble from my husband if I eat less, I usually forget to eat until like 3 or 4 in the afternoon!)

  7. Considering me a taker of the ME and ELF plan too! Great idea, thanks for sharing.

    (Now if only either of these plans included Rocky Road ice cream that miraciously made me lose weight I'd be set!)