Thursday, February 11, 2010

Was the Day Wasted?

I had big plans for the day yesterday. Big Plans!
I needed to order Heidi's invitations. I needed to go to Target. I needed to go to the grocery store.
I got up early and dug in. I was busily scrambling some eggs when Ben told me that Roxie's kennel hadn't been locked overnight, and there was dog urine in my library (my clean library?!) and in the family room. Small sidetrack, but Ben takes care of her messes pretty well.
I was back at the stove when I heard a panicked voice from upstairs yell, "MOM!!! MOM!! I'm going to throw up!" Micah had been complaining that his stomach hurt, but I was not prepared for this. He's only five, so he's still unfamiliar with the vomit sensations. I yell back, running as I do so, "Get down off your bed and head for the toilet!" When I got to his doorway, I saw that he'd tried to get down off the top bunk, but he wasn't going to make it. With a valiant effort, he tried to clamp his mouth shut and cover it, only succeeding in spewing through his fingers, splatting the bed above and below, and spraying the walls. Eeew. Dog pee just moved down a peg in importance.
I started a bath, stripped both beds, washed the walls and re-evaluated my day. Guess all my big plans will have to wait.

So how did I spend my day?
Watching Star Wars.
Drawing pictures.
Doing puzzles.
Reading stories.
Doctoring Hyrum's cut lip.
Making mac 'n cheese.
Listening to Micah read.
Feeding and changing Baby.
Changing laundry (thank heavens!).
Ironing little boys' Sunday shirts.
Addressing Valentines.
Checking homework.
Listening to practicing.
Making dinner.
Cheering for Ben at the track meet.
Arguing with Tucker about Government assignments.
Watching "American Idol."
Singing songs.
Brushing teeth.
Kissing goodnight.

Trace Adkins was right.
I'm gonna miss this.

If you are unfamiliar with Trace Adkins' song, "You're Gonna Miss This," click here.


  1. Sounds a lot like my day...snow day, with a sick baby.
    I listened to that song every day last summer...I NEEDED to listen to that song every day last summer!

  2. Jen I needed that today! I had big plans for today and I'm going no where fast. I'm already missing things! I hope your little guy is feeling better..

  3. That song always makes me cry.

    And so did your post. (Because I do miss "this.")


  4. First off, I need to commend you for your new and improved usage of pictures all the time in your blog, I'm so proud of you. Secondly, the barfin, ewwww! What a gross tragedy. Glad you all survived it in one piece. OH, and the pics are so super cute of you and the boys and Eve. And finally, even if you didn't accomplish what you had planned, you SURE accomplished A LOT in the day anyway.

  5. I saw the video to this song the other day, honestly it made me think of all of THIS stuff I'm going to miss. Our daughter turns 16 in a few months, which means she will drive herself places. I WILL miss the chit-chat to and from school and friends houses.

    So I have learned to cherish each day for the blessings it holds.

  6. you will nooo doubt! k so I laughed out loud at the hillariousness and pure nastiness of that throw up story! it reminds me on Cindy's twins smearing poop all over their room one day during a "nap!"

  7. Who won the government argument? :) Just kidding... I hope Micah feels better soon!

  8. If there weren't dog pee and barf to clean up, it sounds like a pretty good day.

  9. Sometimes when we have the best of intentions of getting lots and lots accomplished, the Lord reminds us what is most important in life! I am sure that your kiddos enjoyed having you do fun things with them! I am excited to see you next week!