Thursday, February 11, 2010

Foto Friday--Bustin' My Buttons

Events of our week, in no particular order, and I couldn't be prouder:
Hyrum has become increasingly more dependable in underwear. That is, when he remembers to put them back on after he uses the potty.

Mikes spent all of Wednesday homebound. That's okay. Most of the day he felt pretty crappy. That kid is reading up a storm.

What is in this mystery white bag? That's right. Heidi's dress is back from alterations. That means they'll be coming home in 12 days. We're definitely NOT counting down. :)

That's my Tuck on stage at MVHS, singing "Lost"--an original song with guitar accompaniment. I'd love to post the video on youtube, but he would cill me (that's right. With a c). So, just take my word for it that it was great!

Benny, Benny, Benny. His only 8th grade track meet was Wednesday afternoon. He was WINNING the 75m hurdles. Winning by quite a margin, in fact. Until he tripped head over heels on the last hurdle. He gracefully rolled, quickly uprighted himself, and finished 6th of 8. The entire stand-full of people went, "OHHHHH." It was a bummer. But he won first in the discus. And should have had first in his race. That counts, right?

This little one. I wouldn't change but one thing. The girl barfs and barfs and barfs all the day long. I've resorted to having her wear bibs every day, because then the stench is at least removable. Never had a spitter before. Yucky.

And Miss Lily. She was a waitress in "12 Dancing Princesses." A teensy tinsy role. But she had fun. And notice the lashes with liner and mascara. Lucky duck.

And a shout-out to Jamie, who spent some time with an uneducated friend and taught me to make my addresses. Thanks.

Lastly, I've decided, spur-of-the-moment, to have a garage sale Saturday morning. I've got some good stuff, and I've decided it's all $1. No matter what. And whatever doesn't sell, well, the DI pod will be in the Church parking lot Saturday to collect the rest of my donations.

And I just have to add this: the trailer for "Survivor" next week already has me dying!


  1. I had two spitters, and it was a major pain. My coping strategy was the same as yours...bibs all the time. And not just regular bibs, but these big clownish bibs that I found.

    One of them kept it up till he was almost 8 months old!

    As for the other pics, seems like the kids are doing GREAT things...and the mysterious wedding dress bubble even has me excited!


  2. Eve's Mama was my worst spitter by far, so I know what you mean. We love the Friday posts with the pictures, but NEXT Friday will be even better. Maybe you can bring the video of Tucker for us to see. We never get enough of our grandkids. Did your athlete, Ben, get hurt in his fall?

  3. Jen..all my kids were spitters. Everywhere I walk there is dried up baby puke! Love the pics..have a great weekend!

  4. Welcome to the land of barfy babies. You might recall that Maggie was NEVER without a bib for her first six months. And by bib, I mean, at least 4 or 5 a day. So GROSS! Are you gonna name your garage sale "All-a-dollar"? I'm just sayin, make signs, could really bring the peeps in. Anything that I need there? I need to see the video of Tuck, since he told me the other day, he's totally OVER singing. And that wasn't while he was cleaning out my gross fridge. hahahaha Oh, and finally, since I'm hijacking your comments section...Jere is probably directing Annie and he'd love Lilly pants to audition for ANNIE.

  5. Corbin likes to urp up everything too. I've never had a spitter upper either. I swear he waits until I've put on a clean, dry outfit and there he goes again. Shoot, I love garage sales and I bet you'll have some good stuff, too bad I'm so far away. We're going to St. George this weekend, I guess that makes me a little closer!

  6. We had a throw-up week too. No time to spare with all that going on. I juts might have to hit up your yard sale. :)

  7. Jen- I was using Minima but then read that Sarah uses Minima stretch so I switched to that ...try it. I'm still tweaking...trying to figure out h ow to make my photos on the header not techy at all!

  8. Thane had reflux, and it was so awful-I wish I could have worn a bib! Instead I just smelled. SURVIVOR!!!! Did you love it? I am only halfway through-and I can't believe the Race starts again Sunday!!!!! DVR set??? Glad Micah is feeling better-hope the addresses worked alright, be sure and let me know if you have troubles!

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  10. I used to sing, "Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset. Swiftly flows the barf." I thought it would never end and then suddenly it did.