Thursday, February 18, 2010

Foto Friday--There's No Place Like Home

Thanks for the input yesterday. It's given me something to think about.
And I'll always try to present the facts (tainted with my perfect opinion, of course!).

Just look at these girls! They're mine! Eve's eyes are as blue as Lily's are brown.

Tucker thought he was so buff doing this. I thought I had a picture of Ben, doing the same thing, but Lily and Micah were piled on his back and Hyrum was in his arms. Must have deleted that photo. This round goes to Ben.And . . . what we've all been waiting for around here . . . Tucker got admitted to BYU this last week! Yahoo! Not so stellar grades (still okay), but a great ACT score and extra-curricular involvement carried him through. He's petitioned for Summer admission, so it looks like he'll be leaving home mid-June. Don't think I'm ready for the second one, not quite yet.

And Dad . . . he was busy beautifying the yard for the wedding. The AZ mantra is February labors bring April flowers. Hyrum "assisted."

Can you guess who this is?When I sent the picture to Heidi, she couldn't even recognize her dad! He dressed up in disguise and wandered around the mall while the youth of our ward tried to find him and his counselors. The counselors were both pretty normal, but Brad went all out. Funny, huh?

Finally--On Tuesday I was snapping green beans for dinner and I had such a strong memory come flooding back. Sitting on the couch in the basement, watching TV and snapping beans for Mom to freeze. Sound is a powerful memory trigger, especially something as distinctive as the snap of fresh green beans.
Smells that remind me of home: freshly cut alfalfa and horse manure.
Sights? Waterfalls, well-kept fields and crop dusters.
Lucky for me, I'm goin' home, to the place where I belong, for the weekend. I'm so excited. Mom's going to help me with a few wedding preparations, and Dad? All he wants to do is meet Eve.

What sights, sounds, and smells remind you of your childhood home?


  1. Heat, swimming pools and red rock hills do it for me. I had to hurry and look at this post to see the Foto Friday and now I am going to hurry and get ready for some of the real thing to arrive. See you soon!


  2. Congrats to Tucker! That's getting harder and harder, getting into the Y.

    As for the mall game, my husband has done that a few times, too. Surprise, surprise. NOT. The last time he dressed up as an old guy in a wheelchair and had my daughter's husband dress like an attendant and push him around. No one "found" him.

    Certain smells always remind me of my childhood home...bread baking, baby powder, orange blossoms, clean laundry, Jean Nate, Old Spice, cut grass, cocoa butter, ocean air, and chlorine.


  3. Congrat's to Tucker! That's great news. And the picture of Hyrum helping Dad in the yard makes me long for warm weather and gardening Music brings back memories for me. Thank you for reminding me of I sit here I'm thinking of a song..Paul Simon's Diamonds on the Souls of her Grandmother's long time friend had just passed away and my siblings and I were all in a car waiting to go into the gathering after the funeral at her home. We all sat outside listening to this song..talking and reflecting. Anyway, I just think of this whenever I hear that's a good memory for me.

  4. Whenever I smell Estee Lauder Youth Dew, I look for my mom. On Saturday mornings, faint kitchen sounds always remind me of my dad making Saturday morning waffles. I would hear him clanking around from upstairs where we were all waking up. And oh yes - cocoa butter is summers at the beach with friends. The smell of clean sheets drying on the linein the sunshine is heavenly. I had my husband rig up a clotheline in the back where I can dry my sheets on sunny days. Nothing like the fragrance of sun dried sheets!