Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trip from Heaven

After my reality posts this week, no one's going to believe that this is really how my trip to ID was:
1. Checked bags curbside and the skycap informed me it was $35 for each checked bags, but carseats are free, if checked in inside. And he'd be happy to do that for me (increased tip by $5).
2. Security assistant actually volunteered to help get my stroller through the checkpoint. And he actually used the expressions "glorious day," and "God is good."
3. As I got the pink ticket attached to my stroller, I heard my name and saw a man from my ward. I was able to pass the time before we boarded being regaled with his adventures.
4. I switched seats so a mom and son could sit together, and I got to sit by a NICE 60-ish man from Delta, Utah, who had been in AZ for prostate and bladder cancer treatments. I was a little hesitant when Eve got hungry, but what's a girl to do? (Ouch. I did forget my nursing thingee. Whoops.) I was as modest and sly as I could be. And he leaned over and offhandedly remarked, "I'm so happy to see you're breastfeeding that baby. It makes them smarter. I'm sure of it."
5. Although we were delayed on the runway, after a swift trip to the bathroom for a potty stop and diaper change, I walked right on to my flight from Salt Lake City to Twin Falls, ID.
6. A really nice man offered to help me get the stroller folded and checked on the tarmac (that's how small the airport is in Twin Falls).
7. We (me and the really nice man) chatted all the way to Twin, discovering mutual friends and experiences on the way.
8. Grandma and Grandpa were there to greet us when we got off the plane--old style. The Twin Falls airport is one of the few left in the country where they can see you walk across the tarmac to the building.
9. Eve saved her biggest blowout of her life (and you know there's some pretty stiff competition) until she was sitting on Grandma's couch.
10. Homemade turkey soup.

See you all Monday!


  1. Wow - there really IS karma... Everyone should have a travel day like that at least once!

  2. My travel day bringing Corbin home from Shreveport was like that. I felt so lucky. It seemed that every person on the earth was kind and helpful. I'm glad you experienced a trip like that. It gives you a kind of hope in humanity. You deserve it!

  3. so glad you had a good trip...have fun!

  4. I love when fellow travelers are kind to each other. It restores my faith in human nature.

    Have a wonderful visit!


    PS. My niece's first baby is being born; right now, she is pushing!

  5. It's my experience that 99.9% of men appreciate a breastfeeding Mom...for various reasons, including but not limited to increased intellectual abilities of breastfedees.