Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guest Post: There's a New Sheriff in Town (till the real one returns)

Cool things about mom being gone:

1. Dad gets to sleep diagonally in their bed, spread-eagled, and read as late as he wants.
2. Wrestling near/on/with the furniture just adds a little excitement!
3. All those pesky cooking instructions mom left: Doesn't Taco Bell sound easier? And perfectly grilled cheese sammiches. Yum.
4. Ben got to drive the truck down the block.
5. Sure, play the Wii till it wears out. Why not?
6. No stinkeye from Jenny when Brad surfs the internet checking out unaffordable camera lenses.
7. I think I read somewhere that loud '80s music is good for toddlers' hand-eye development.
8. Bedtime? Whenever you're tired!

Bummer things about mom being gone:

1. Irresponsible bike usage by adults. Brad's buddy Scott brought his kids' cool new delivery bike over. Between Brad's incompetent steering and Scott's, uh, ample booty, we ruined one of the heavy-duty wheels.
2. Nap? Oh yeah! Hyrum was supposed to have a nap. From good-natured wildman to IRATE wildman. That nap he took on the floor from 4:30 until 6? Not ideal.
3. Hey! What happened to all the Sunday clothes?
4. No Evie!! When she gets back we're gonna just smoosh her up from love.
5. If dad's unreasonable there's no Court of Appeals.
6. Seriously, someone's gotta set a timer around here so that we take Rum to the john once in a while.
7. No back scratches.
8. We all live in fear of what Sacrament Meeting's gonna be like.


The Blog Interloper


  1. Nice post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

  2. Oh Bradley, how you make me laugh. No really, laugh and laugh OUTLOUD! I think your comment to me is a ditto on my side. I think I especially enjoy the posed picture on the ruined bike wheel. Seriously, you are a 12 year old eternally. LOVE IT! Thanks for a great entry and an even better laugh!

  3. Sounds and looks like my house when I'm gone...wait...I'm never gone! I think I need to go somewhere. Hope you are enjoying yourself...

  4. Brad,
    As far as Taco Bell, at least the kids ate...right? Nice sandwiches!! Go Brad Go! Thanks for sharing a few of your girls with us here in Idaho!

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