Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small Surprises

I love surprises in the mail. Even surprises that I ordered myself. It always seems like a little treat when there's a package addressed to you!
This came in the mail yesterday. I have been looking for quite some time for a silver necklace with all my kids' names.
Love it?
You can get one of your very own (or one of dozens of different designs). Check out The Vintage Pearl here. You won't be sorry. You might be a little cash-strapped later, but definitely not sorry!


  1. I do love it! I bought the same type of thing from her; in fact, but I have 4 differently shaped disks with my kids names on them and then a lower necklace with my 3 grandkids names.

    Yours is really cool, though...all in one!


  2. It's beautiful, I truly love it. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. I love that it has all the kids names...I'm going to check out her site! It's beautiful!!

  4. Love it! Good thing you are done, no more room on that necklace! I'll be looking for it next time I see you... in about 15 minutes that is!

  5. I bought my daughter one for Christmas - it was beautiful, just like in the picture!