Friday, February 26, 2010

Foto Friday--Wedding Looming Ever Closer

Just a quick note from me--guess who's here this weekend?
Heidi and Sam had their engagement pictures taken yesterday and their bridal shoot is tonight. Last night Heidi had TWO showers--old ladies and then her friends. Busy, busy, busy.
Who has to nurse their baby at their daughter's bridal shower?
Yep. That would be me.
And please pardon my dust. I'm trying to use this new photo editor, and I'm kinda new at it. And pardon the dust on my site entire. Changes in process.


  1. So exciting, Jen. And they are really cute together.


  2. I have been checking all morning because I knew pictures were coming! Tell Heidi she is BEAUTIFUL, and that she and Sam make an adorable couple! I love what she's wearing (VANS!) and I love the setting. MAC, right? Have a great weekend with Heidi and Sam! PLEASE post Bridal pics if Heidi doesn't mind. Love you all!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is all too real! First the shower with all us old ladies, and now adorable pictures of the couple. So real, so fast! So amazing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with them. And I really hope Eve takes a bottle!

  4. I LOVE the header! It makes it look like you have a bajillion kids...which you do! It's beautiful!
    Love the engagement pictures young and in love.

  5. I am loving the new look! Good job following the tutorial on Clover Lane-isn't that the best?

  6. Way to go Jen! It looks fabulous! I can appreciate it because I know how long it took me to figure out how to personalize a header!! Love the engagement photos and I LOVE that you are nursing your baby at your daughters shower!!

  7. I like your new look. And what an exciting time you're in! My only daughter got married almost 6 years ago, and it was a crazy time planning everything but we look back on it as one of the most joyous times we've ever had. Enjoy, enjoy...

  8. Jen sorry about not making it last night. Got in alte from being out of town. Hopefully I will get by this weekend with Heidi's gift. And I"m not an old lady....