Saturday, February 27, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

Thanks for all your input the last two weeks. Here's a little update:
Trying to keep it real around here. I wanted to post a picture of me with my most common hairstyle of late (baseball cap), but the only one of me was blurry, and I couldn't insult Brad's photog skills by letting the world see it. I just feel like I have NO TIME to do anything anymore.
I've fallen off the sugar wagon. Again. And it's seven weeks to the wedding. I see how much crankier and grumpier and moodier I am when I'm indulging, but sometimes the flesh is weak, and when it's weak, it's WEAK. I'm vowing March to be sugar-free. And I'm publishing it to keep me honest.
Heidi and Sam had their bridal shoot yesterday afternoon. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was about 70 degrees yesterday, little if any breeze, with clouds in the sky. If you're not an Arizonan, you don't realize how significant those clouds are. Rarely do we get "clouds," per se. It's usually very clear, very blue (and very hot), or it's cloudy and the heavens dump buckets. So we were so happy with the weather. It was strange to see my daughter in her wedding dress and know that this is reality. More on that some other time . . . it's still slightly raw for me.
Eve--I left her with my generous friend Shauna yesterday while I watched the bridal photo shoot. Shauna said, "She was really really cute and good. But she doesn't like the bottle, does she?" #1--read my blog. #2--No. #3--I wasn't even present, so I thought that it might be the bottlefeeding day. As Melinda said, compliant children are not my lot in life.
On Monday, you can count on pics of all my organizing for the 28-day challenge on Organizing Junkie. Hold your breath, friends. It's worth it.

I'm off to enjoy family for the last day before Heidi and Sam head back to ID. Have a great weekend!


  1. I can relate on that raw feeling. Each time one of my kids gets married (and I have another one - my youngest son) coming up in June) I feel such happiness for their choices and growth, and yet I cry all the way home from the reception. My husband just knows to have his shoulder and some Kleenex handy. And then, after a day or two, I'm fine. I guess it's a mom thing. On another note, my daughter's in-laws are in Mesa, and they spend lots of time there on breaks from med school (which are becoming fewer and farther between...) I've heard much about the cloudless Arizona skies. Zach loves them, but Katie is a beach baby, and misses her ocean and "thick air" - Hawaii is her happy place. (Isn't it everyone's???)

  2. Wow! Cute new look! You are amazing!

  3. Love this picture! She is too cute Jen! Don't be so hard on yourself about the've got a lot going on in your life right now! I can only imagine what you're feeling with your oldest getting married. Pat yourself on the back for raising a beautiful, smart daughter! As for's rare for us to see a sky with no clouds! Oh I long for summer days..snow here today.

  4. Karin waited so long to get married and was so delighted to be on her way to the altar at nearly 30 that I bypassed all of the bittersweet nature of it my friends experienced. I was so happy for her at that point.

    However, had she married earlier, I'm sure I would have felt it all. (I sure felt it when she went away to school!)


    PS. Seems to me like that bib is pretty apt.

    PPS. You look great, by the way...Don't worry too much about the sugar. It's hard to teetotal when you're under stress!

  5. I kept thinking yesterday about what perfect weather it was for a photo shoot. No squinty eyes from all that bright spring sunshine. I adore Eve's expression on this picture, so different from her normal smiles and twinkly eyes. Hope you continue to have a wonderful family-full weekend!

  6. Ohhhhh, FUN new header. Way to go Jenny, I likey. Can't wait to see the photo shoot, I'm sure the pi.cs are lovely

  7. Funny, I am grumpier when I'm NOT indulging. Lent is over in 5 weeks...and my kids are looking forward to a happier mom.