Friday, March 5, 2010

Foto Friday--And Milestones Installment #3

You know this post is mostly for faraway Grandma and faraway Sister, right? 
Forts, music, sidewalk chalk, and a little basketball to boot.  Sarah at Clover Lane posted about how important it is to just preserve the moments, no matter your photography skills.  I committed memory hari kiri yesterday, when I went to download pictures into a new program, then erased them off my card before they completely transferred.  So a picture of Micah starting t-ball will have to wait until next week's practice.  Lucky for me, he's a pretty forgiving sort.
Lily's milestone:  This week has been a stretching week for her, that's for sure.  Do you remember the first report you ever wrote--the one with the library research, note cards, bibliography and fancy report cover? Mine was on the kangaroo rat.  Not only did Lily complete her report last night on Gambel's quail, she typed the entire thing by herself.  She also wrote every card by hand and found every scrap of information solo.Not every fourth grader can claim this feat, and not every parent can allow the report to look like a fourth grader did it.  (One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is parents who do elementary-school projects "with" their kids and it turns into the parent's project.  Who do they think they're fooling?  Teachers see your kid's work every day.  They know that a kid wouldn't think to triple mount on cardstock and scrapbook paper. Do they want the grade? Just sayin'.) I am really proud of her.


  1. I do remember my first report! I remember spending hours at the computers..just encyclopedias. Mine was on Pandas! Cute post Jen! Have a great weekend...

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  3. Good for her! It's pretty impressive that she was able to manage that without any help at all. And I agree with your pet peeve about parents who do their kids' projects. What's the point?!


    PS. Your family pics are great. Eve's eyes are enormous! She such a cute little pixie of a girl.

  4. Thane has been doing great with this report, his is so proud of his hard work. I hadn't really thought of it as a milestone, but you're right it really is. I love the photo of Tucker and Hyrum (I think that's him, not Micah-hard to tell for me sometimes!) that is a priceless moment, so glad you caught it forever.

  5. Oh, and I am so with you on the parents doing the project-drives me bonkers! And I especially hate it when the parents swear up and down their 8 year old really did the "whole thing all by themselves" as they wash the glue off their hands and brush the glitter from their faces. How sad to need the"A" that badly.

  6. Hmmmm... I probably bordered on one of *those* parents. Not because I needed the "A" - I just love arty projects! (If it was another kind, forget it) And I'm kind of obsessive about details. But I really did try to back off. Most of the time. And I hope I taught my kids something about finishing a project nicely. But good for your daughter - that's huge!

  7. Thanks for Fridays. I never see enough of the family.


  8. I whole heartedly agree about the parents doing the childs work!! Do the parents think that when it comes time for testing that the child will have learned these things by osmosis?
    Love the pictures!! So, do Karen and I get to fight over who the faraway sister is? :)