Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Milestones--Installment #2

Micah is learning to read.
I wish I could remember what this feels like: All of a sudden, mysterious squiggles and lines create sounds and words and sentences and stories and meaning. It must be equivalent to learning Cyrillic or Chinese.
I love to see recognition and understanding flit across his face. I love to hear him chuckle when a story is funny. I love to hear him say, "Oh, I love this part."
The world is opening for him.
And he's ready.


  1. way to go Micah! Don't you just love Frog and Toad!

  2. My granddaughter just learned to read, too. What an adventure!


  3. What a great day! When you can read, the whole world is available. My son told me my grandaughter has learned to read - she's almost 4. I can't wait to have her read me a story! Good for Michah!

  4. I love when they learn to read "real" books, they feel so big. All sorts of milestones at your house these days!

  5. I so get what you are saying about the "ahhah" moments of him learning to read! That is one of my favorite things about being a mom and my job at school!