Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Don't Know if I Can Agree with Him . . .

What would you say if this greeted your eyes?
"Hyrum, you look awful!"
"No, Mommy. I wook wike a angel!"

Any questions?


  1. I laughed out loud. (Don't worry Jen, you'll laugh at it day.)

    I'm just glad you've got pictures to go with the story in years to come...especially when he's a daddy and his little ones do something like this.

  2. If he was that good at painting himself, I am hoping he spared his surroundings... Pretty cute, though!

  3. Looks like you have a little Van Gogh in the making...


  4. "No, Mommy. I wook wike a angel!"

    And you know?... *stepping back and cocking head* He really does! All I can say is savor the moment. It's gone waaay too soon! (although now you're thinking "Not soon enough!)

  5. His Grandma thinks he always wooks wike an angel.

  6. I think we're online at the same time again! Our babies must have the same sleep schedule! I think he wooks wike an angel too! :)

  7. My dear Jenny...I certainly NEVER would have omitted you from mention on my blog, had I written said blog AFTER our visit. However, I wrote that entry BEFORE we last minute decided to up and show our faces at your house. Thank you so much for allowing us to come over unannounced. We always LOVE a visit to your crazy house! And agreed, I should have put an initial after the Jen to clarify. However, if you must know, I did honestly think to myself..."Hmm, Jen (you) is looking quite thin this evening. I believe she has lost some weight." So, there you go, you're skinny and hawt too! And finally, that is a funny little post about Rum diddy and his artistic endeavors! Silly kids!

    No wait....super finally. THANK YOU for being my MOST devoted commentor! I can truly count on you for a comment every time. I so appreciate it, you have no idea.