Friday, March 12, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

Sometimes you just have to bowl at home!  Can you think of a funner way to knock down block houses?
Saturday is the day I reserve for little ideas that can't quite fill a whole post or answers to questions that have been asked and brewing all week.

#1. Faraway sister is not either of my sisters, Brad's faraway sister, or Sister Christian. It is OUR faraway sister, Miss Heidi. So Alisa, no fights with Karen over this!

#2. Tucker is indeed going to BYU-Provo, and Heidi is at BYU-I.

#3. I did NOT win the Organizing Junkie contest. I cried, thought about eating a carton of Haagen Dazs Dulce La Leche, thought better of it, then organized about half of my craft room. Felt better when I was done.

#4. See those darling pics of my kids on the wall of the stairway in the last post?  The smallest Command peel-n-stick hooks(see them here) are not strong enough for my IKEA frames, apparently. Tucker's photo completed a suicide mission and took Ben's out in the process; Lily's slipped to just one hook, knocking Micah's crooked. And then, at 3 am Wednesday morning, Brad and I startled awake to Heidi's pic abandoning its post. Job for Saturday--trip to IKEA (darn!) for two new frames and trip to hardware store for appropriate hardware.

#5. Hyrum asked me yesterday: "Why your hair like dat?" "Why, buddy, don't you like it?" "No, it's ugly. (pause) But I like your clothes."

#6. Lily claimed today that it was "too hot" to play at the playground. I think I caught the digital mercury hovering around 73. She's in for a looong summer.

#7. Don't forget Daylight Savings tonight. Unless, of course, you live in AZ. And if you don't, remember that those of us in AZ do not celebrate the increasing hours of daylight, and then please refrain from calling us at a time you used to think was reasonable. It is most likely still too early.

Don't be too grumpy losing that extra hour of sleep tonight!



  1. Fortunately, I have the late church!


  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I am disappointed about #3, sorry while slightly amused about #4, wholeheartedly amused by #5 (and curious what your hair looked like that day), and very glad you mentioned #6 because I had forgotten!


  3. It appears that Hyrum is going to be your politician.

  4. So sad about #3 AND #4-were the photos unharmed? And I really hope you and/or Eve don't get sick from hanging with me at Track and Field yesterday. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I promise if I had felt even a tiny bit sick I would not have held your sweet girl, this really snuck up on me.

  5. So sorry about your pictures! On the other hand, new frames are kind of fun... That Hyrum - did you hug him real hard after the hair comment? ;-D And I'm curious - what DID your hair look like??
    Also, like Sue - glad you reminded me about losing the hour. I'm grumpy about losing the hour, but at the same time you just got me to church on time tomorrow, so THANKS! Somehow it just seems too early for that, though...

  6. First of all let's talk about that incredible green sideboard! Where did you get it and did you paint it?? I love it! So sorry about the junkie award and the frames...I really wish I had some of your warm weather here and yes it's time to Spring it forward! Happy weekend!

  7. Ok, number #5 was so funny! At least he had the sense to add a compliment really fast. :) I love your blogs, Jenny. We have a blog but it's pathetic.

  8. Ahhhh and now I feel caught up!

    I love it when kids say stuff like that about your hair and about your person - they tell it like they see it.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the green sideboard!