Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Am I?

Washed and dried eight loads of  laundry
Loaded, washed, and put away six loads of dishes
Shredded eight pounds of cheese instantly
Made cookies in my Bosch mixer
Baked cookies on time delay in my double oven
Ground 10 cups of flour in my electric grinder
Made a loaf of bread in my bread machine
Checked kids' grades online
Paid for wedding photographer with a credit card over the phone
Mailed a package using ATM at post office
Opened my garage with the push of a button
Searched selection of shoes at local Target on google
Filled a prescription with the pharmacy's voice-activated phone computer
Instantly downloaded Crystal Bowersox from last week's American Idol
Watched The Amazing Race on DVR, skipping commercials, while folding eight loads of laundry
Microwaved grilled chicken strips for dinner
Cut finished loaf of  bread with electric knife
Sent notes to friends from CA to MA to England and in between--instantly
Faxed song lyrics
Bought groceries by sweeping a card and entering a few secret numbers

Who am I?
Not Jean Valjean, that's for sure.

Who'd have thought that living the life of Jane Jetson would be so unglamorous? I mean, look at my wardrobe, my hair.

And I would have thought that Jane Jetson would have more free time on her hands to shop, do lunch, and groom herself.

So where did my day go if all these things saved me so much time?


  1. Glad to find your blog!

    I skipped over from Cherie's to check it out!

    Thanks of the good words i have had a very rough time with the move and the new ward

    the best thing about the move has been the grandkids live here!
    well i love the weather also!

    i look forward to getting to know you!

  2. Love it! Seriously, when you stop to look and think about things, we are WAY closer to the Jetsons than you even realize. Man I wanted to be the Jetsons as a kid. Anyway, you're clever as always!

  3. That is still a ton of stuff to get done! You are amazing!

  4. All I can say is that I'm glad you didn't leave Crystal Bowersox of your to-do list!


  5. I suppose being a Jetson is better than being Jean Valjean. You deserve a perky theme song that starts, "Meet Jen Denton..." rather than some dreary song like "On My Own." Because you are definitely not on your own.

    It's amazing what you can get done in a day, isn't it? I love it. I'll send you a time machine for your birthday so you can read a book and go to the spa and still get all of that done.

    Hang in there, 24601.

  6. Maybe when they FINALLY install moving walkways in our homes and on our streets we will be able to have more time/cooler hair/robot cleaning ladies.

    THEN I'll be happy. ;)

  7. I am amazed at all you accomplish! I think that all the wonderful inventions we have just make it so that we are still running around with our heads cut off, we just find more to accomplish and more things to do!

  8. Yeah, I don't think Jean Valjean or your grandma ever got 8 loads of laundry done in a day. Let alone all the other things! We have our gadgets that save us time so we can do more things with different gadgets. Sit in the sun and read a book - even if it's on a Kindle! (And don't forget your sunscreen!)

  9. I'm tired reading it! I love being able to look at the kids grades online too!

  10. JUST found your blog while at Pam's kitchen sink! :) LOVE it thus far; however, I am going down for a nap now.

  11. It is such a long list when you are a mom of a large family.
    We have it so easy these days - push of a button, microwave, computer.
    I always wonder how pioneer women did it? How did they find time to get all the laudry done with no machines, bake bread everyday, and all the tasks they had to do. They couldn't even go sit on a porcelain throne to grab 3 minutes to themselves!
    We have it so much easier I picture them laughing at us and yet our days are so busy and full - Go figure!

  12. Truer words were never posted! This made me laugh, and the craziest thing is that's just a normal day, and you'll do it all again, and again, and again. Love the photos of you and kids-can't believe the countdown is going so quickly!