Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Faith Is Like Mustardy Seeds

Church is always an adventure with any kids.  My kids especially.  On any given Sunday, someone is pouting, laughing, crying, puking, poking, or yelling.
March 28, 2010, was an exception.  We were actually good.  We were quiet.  We were reverent.  We were still.  It was nothing short of miraculous.
Two lines before the end of the closing song, I was loading pencils and books into the diaper bag, thinking, "Wow.  We made it."
Then, Ben let out a fairly loud gasp.  Eve had managed to fill his lap with mustardy goo.  And when I say fill his lap, I mean FILL HIS LAP.  We barely had five seconds to react before the closing prayer started.  I frantically searched the diaper bag for the wipes and futilely dabbed at the mess.
Amen and fifteen wipes later, Ben was able to stand up without polluting his surroundings.  I whisked them both home, all the while listening to Ben:  "Ooh.  It's sticking to my leg.  I think it soaked through to my underwear.  Well, it missed my tie.  Can I shower before I go back?"

We went our separate ways upstairs--he to scrounge clean clothes from his brother and dad, me to clean up Baby Notorious Poops.  In all that excitement, she had somehow managed to avoid herself.  Her socks and shoes were clean, her dress pristine.  I still can't figure out the physics of that one.

Ben loves babies. Truly loves them. When they're newborn, he's not afraid to hold and snuggle and tend.
When they're a little older, he loves to hold and snuggle and tickle.
Sunday may have changed him forever.



  1. Oh, yuck! That had to be the pits.



  2. Poor Ben! This is a terrific photo!

  3. I see Evie hasn't changed her ways yet.

  4. Poor Ben! I love that she didn't get it on herself. What a little lady. :)

  5. Hahahhaha! I love boys and babies. There is nothing sweeter. As tender hearted as your boys are, I am sure Ben will be fine. Adventures in church, though, we could compile a book, I am sure!

  6. Hi-Larious! Which I can say ONLY because it did not happen to me. And then, I would say, SICK! That is a true talent she has, especially missing her own clothes. So grateful that neither of my kids ever had a poop blow out, EVER! Phew. By the by, love the pic of Ben, pretty stylin hat he's got goin on!

  7. What a great son you have! To bear it all in relative silence (during the prayer!) I remember once my oldest son peed in my mother's hair. She kept slapping at what she thought was a cobweb arcing through the air...until it started to drip. Ahhh, good times.

  8. Aww! "Well, it missed my tie." Now what a great attitude that is! Love it! And she didn't have a spot on her... that IS something! :)

  9. Ben is such a great brother. And he is lucky you live so close to the church!

  10. I had a pooper like that, I understand Ben, I understand. I hope he isn't too traumatized!