Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Room Redo, Part 2

The chairs for my family room finally arrived! Here is the finished room:
I had to include this one, since it is the "family room."  Is there anything cuter than these little monkeys sitting in their seats?  Love the bumbo.  That thing rocks!
Curious George was way too interesting . . .

And as a trip down memory lane, just wanted to remind you of the Denton Family's All-Time Best April Fool's Day joke. You can read about it in these three posts: here, and here, and here.

Wow how much difference a year makes. And I adore that little joke of ours!



  1. jen. that first picture. i love that baby. i actually said outloud to an empty room - "Awwww. Isn't that picture cuuuuute?" Thankfully no one responded, but still. I was very taken.

    Last year's April Fool's joke was a good one. Although it's hilarious that you made the kids go outside for a fire drill, too. I love your sense of humor.

  2. LOVE the family room! It looks waaaayy too clean Jen! And Griffy is still in his bumbo at 9 months..(not really sitting up on his own yet!)...every time I pick him up the bumbo sticks to his bum. Love that thing!

  3. The room looks GREAT. I love the rug and pillows, too. And that is a cool tree on the far wall!


  4. I was just thinking to mysself. Hmmm, what could Jen POSSIBLY do to top last years most fabulous of April Fools jokes. Man I remember that, and the feeling it gave me like yesterday. She is a pretty great treat. Cute pillows/chairs and pics.

  5. Okay-loving it! Great chairs, love the newish throw pillows and the rug, and especially the green and purple bottles/vases/how about earthenware? on the coffee table/toy chest. Remember when we all thought you meant you were recarpeting? Yes, sometimes I'm just that slow. :) Cute photo of Eve and Hyrum.

  6. I was thinking about you today and your April Fool's announcement last year - she is so adorable! Love the family room!

  7. ok i'll have to go and read the april fools...we love playing practical jokes on each other...(mainly my oldest...gotta be on your toes on a daily basis w/him)

    one thing i noticed...UR RUG!!
    ok i drool at the one that looks similar to this at Target. hubs says it's not big enough...yours looks big..what size and where did you get it? if you don't mind??!!

    love your family the words of my 11 yr old that was looking over my shoulder this morning.."that room rocks" (they love a comfy homey feel to a room!)