Thursday, April 1, 2010

Foto Friday--Sunday Antics

Hyrum got a crown and Yoda for his third birthday on Sunday (he also received a stern warning about violence in the Church nursery, so we may have to curtail his lightsaber usage for a while).
Then Dad got a little rambunctious with the camera while everyone did some trampoline acrobatics.
Lily will appear at the 2016 Olympics. Watch for her!


  1. Seriously, that is QUITE the flexability Lilly is showing. Not gonna lie, the Yoda toy was a little disturbing! Can't believe Hyrum is 3 already, that means Maggie will be way to soon!

  2. Wow! I WILL be watching for a Denton entry in the Olympic Games ere long...

    As for the light saber thing, Jeremiah finally outgrew that a year or so ago. (I've seen the Yoda toy, too, by the way...and I agree with Allyson.) Unsettling.



  3. Having boys that are in love with all thing Jedi, I sympathize with the light saber issues, and disagree about the Yoda toy-I thought it was really cute-well, maybe not cute-but perfect for a 3 year old who knows all things Star Wars by heart.

    Lily looks like she has the longest legs ever in that picture, which is funny because she's not the tallest girl on the block. Great shot, Brad!

  4. Go Lily, go! I'll be sure to watch for her! We had a trampoline when we were kids, and it was so much fun. We learned all kinds of tricks on it. Kept us from tearing up the house. It looks like your kids are enjoying it too. YAY!

  5. What fun pictures! I loved my trampoline as a kiddo. I wasn't as good as Lily, though.

  6. She sure will be in the olympics! wow! Happy Easter Jen to you and your family! And thank you for your comments...after reading that The Historian was one of your favorite books I ran out to buy it! I haven't started it yet but will let you know!