Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And the Award Goes to . . .

I can't believe it's true. As I was blogstalking enjoying my afternoon yesterday, I was overwhelmed by all the awards someone had posted on their sidebar--Blog of the Moment, Teacher's Pet, Pioneer Woman Wannabe, Best Inventor of Utopian Motherhood Blog.  Whatever.  And I was beginning to feel somewhat insecure and unloved.  I mean, I've never received any blog awards--not even a Why Is This Drivel Filling Cyberspace nod.  Until Stef over at Oops, There Goes My Mind posted today.  I was so flattered.  The other blogs mentioned in her post have HUNDREDS of followers (I'm not comparing, just contrasting.  And if you believe that, I've got a few acres of beachfront property here in AZ for sale . . .).  And she included little ole me.  Thanks, Stef.
I don't know if she read my post about our family actually getting that picture all in white . . . but you can refresh your memory here.

I think you all know quite a bit about me. Let's see if I can dig up something good--I cheated on a sixth-grade science test with my friend Suzy Shaub. We knew the sign language alphabet, and we thought we were sly enough to use it across the room during a multiple-choice test. Wrong-O. Although the teacher was ancient in our minds (like late 40s), Mr. Tickner had been around the block a few times, even with his polio-crippled legs, and he saw right through us. I failed the test and got a C in science for the fourth quarter. I was so insistent that I hadn't cheated that I even wrote on my final report card, in huge letters and underlined many times "ACCUSED of cheating." The kicker was that science was easy and I was a better student than Suzy. I was just trying to be cool and trying to prove my smarts. Dumb kid.

This blog award couldn't have come at a better time. I've been thinking about how to tell all y'all how much I love your blogs, but I haven't had the time or the blog space (stupid wedding). Without hurting anybody's feelings, I hope, just know that you are all in my sidebar because I love reading you. If I didn't, I know where the delete key is, and I use it wisely but often. But if you need further reading material, here's a breakdown of why I read what:

Funny: For sure Allyson VP and Laraine. And Paige and Anna too. Guaranteed to lighten and brighten, almost as effectively as lemon juice.

Design/organization: These I mostly just review for ideas, but I will occasionally comment. I have them marked for my own ease, but if you want to rifle through them all to find the design blogs, feel free.

Mandatory lemming reads: Nienie, CJane, and Pioneer Woman. I hate to blaspheme, but does anyone else think the word Ever isn't a name? Ahem.

Friends in the flesh: too many to name, but it makes it easy and quick to stay updated with your lives and families. I love it when I run into you somewhere and we already know what's going on with each other because we read about it earlier that morning!

Friends who read and don't have blogs:  Thanks for reading from faraway New Zealand, Portugal, England, Australia, and northern Canada.  Drop me a note.  I know you're there!

New blogging friends: I look forward to getting to know you better. I've branched out a bit recently, and I see four or five new good friendships coming.

And to the old blogging friends: Sue, Pam, Jackie, Kristen, and Natalie, if you're reading this--I feel like we've been friends forever. And I cherish your daily outlooks, opinions, essays, and comments. Thanks for sticking by me, even through the computer.

If your blog is listed above or to the right, consider yourself Sunshine awarded.  I mean it.  You all brighten my days, stimulate deep thinking, make me laugh out loud, and sometimes cry.  Thanks for being you!

Now for a question for all you loyal followers:
What kinds of posts do you like the best here at the Sanatorium?  I'd like to keep y'all happy and coming back, ya know!  So leave a comment and I'll try to oblige.  Unless it's Heidi's wedding.  Think I'm about tapped out on that one.



  1. I feel ever so honored to get a mention on your blog, and for being FUNNY even. Thanks. I too have never recieved any type of bloggy award. Also, I note that you're up to 46 followers over there, that's a fat jump even from yesterday, go you. We're tied, not it's a race. Except not at all, because you're totally gonna smoke me on that too. Anyway, congrats on your "award" and for just being awesome you. Hahaha to all you blog only friends, I get to hang out at the Sanatorium.

  2. I come here just to see what it's like with all those kids. You give me courage to have a bigger family even when it's not always cool.(but also to have all my kids long before my oldest daughter's wedding. That just looked hard and I'll already be crying enough.)

    I made my husband read the sculpting one, I liked it so much. I just like stories about what makes you YOU. Real and true. I come back here to see if I could really do 7, and what my life would be like. Plus you are very likeable from your writing. (And I agree about Ever. I should probably change my account to anonymous before I post this- how could I disagree with cjane??)

  3. Ahh Jenny, you always seem surprised to be read and enjoyed. Why is that, when you have such an easy to read writing style that educates and entertains us? I would be posted as follower, if I knew how to be :) I love to keep up with your likable clan. I guess I am addicted to checkin you out daily. (And how can you tell where people are reading from?) It really doesn't matter what the subject is :)

  4. Hi from NZ. I love hearing about the everyday stuff that goes on with your family - it may not seem like much to you, but to me it's great to know it's not just me that things happen to. Of course the anticipation of Heidi's wedding and seeing 'the dress' and all things wedding related was great for us in blogland. I sneak a peak at many of your links which I enjoy too, so feel as though we have the same taste. Although I live in a city in NZ, it is a small city and we don't have much in the way of shopping (only two malls and two department stores), so enjoy seeing how others use their talents or drool over other's purchases. Please keep it up and providing me with my daily Denton fix. Catherine

  5. Jen, thank you for adding me to your Sunshine award (no sun in north Central Ohio today!) . You are a GIFTED writer~just keep writing from your heart. With 7 kids, you know they rarely get called by their God given name, right? I am thinking up pretty little nicknames like Evie, sugar plum, pumpkin.....& to quote you "just sayin"!!

  6. Jen I also feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog! I feel like we have become friends and I wish you lived closer too!! You blog is one that I visit daily...I was drawn to you because I love to see how big families live...your family is beautiful, your writing I adore, and your honesty I admire. Keep writing my friend!!

  7. One of the (many) things I like about your blog is that when I get to the comment box there are so many things I want to write that I inevitably forget something. There's more than a hint of " I have to comment about that. AND THAT. Can't forget to say something about that, too..." I usually end up saying, "You're the best, EVER." and being done with it!

    Like today.

    Thanks for the mention. You're the best, EVER. :) You've inspired me, methinks. This is such a good idea and some blogs are just worth spreading the word. I'm gonna do this, too, soon. Because I want to be like you. :)

    Your reasons for reading are much the same as mine. I do it for myself, mostly, but keeping up with friends, making new friends, inspiration, etc.

    I love all of your posts. I love that you have different types of posts - some are inspiring and some are funny. Very funny. :) I like the variety so I want more of ALL. Is that too much to ask?

    Oh, and we're still planning for South America, despite the looming fury of yet another volcano. Stupid volcano.

    I think I'll stop this epic comment there. I should just email you next time.

  8. Thanks for the sunshine! I have no recommendations...I like variety and you have that already.

  9. Here's what I like best about your blog: YOU.

    In every aspect.


  10. Seriously I have been exposed to alot of blogs but the ones I find I like to read - Like yours are the ones where I feel like I have something in common with the writer, that we can be friends and they like the same things I do.
    I get that from your blog. I love hearing about your family and your life - those are the things I write about too.
    Congrats on your award!

  11. How sweet. I love all the pics from the wedding. I'm so glad you all survived it.

  12. I can't believe you mentioned me. My blog is hit and miss for me, more like a personal scrapbook. But I LOVE your blog. I feel like we are old friends. I love the fact that you are getting so many followers, you are an amazing writer.

  13. You like me, you REALLY like me!

    Thanks for the shout-out. Do you EVER think we will EVER know all the people who EVER read our blogs EVER?



  14. I love your blog because I can relate to everyhing you say. Our kids are all the same ages, we're both stay at home moms, our values are the same, and we've known each other since the beginning of this journey we call "motherhood". Thanks for the laughter and tears.

  15. I like it best when you post something personal about YOU or about one of the kids - even if they're not exactly named out. It gets me thinking, and it also lets me know that I'm not alone in the thoughts that I have, or in the things that happen to me. Sometimes we feel isolated in our weaknesses and fears. I've learned that we're not alone, and it helps to have others voice that as well. Love your blog!

  16. I love your foto fridays because yours kids are just too cute! I would like to see a post reviewing your thoughts on this season of Survivor!