Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Is the Wedding That Never Ends . . .

Ask, and ye shall receive.
Sam's Uncle Jeremy emailed me tonight with a few pics from the open house. I couldn't resist posting. . . If you want the images bigger, just click on them.  And you can see the kites and balls and balloons and windmills and . . .
I wish these pictures could do the house and yard justice.  Sam's cousin said that the place is magical, and I agree.
They created Heidi a bouquet out of baby's breath and red ribbon.  It was so darling.  And can you believe the cuteness of these two little girls?  Hope Heidi's kids get that curly hair of Mary's (named after her great-Grandma). Don't you just want to eat her up with that cupcake?
Tami and Adam are there, standing with the flowers.  Aren't they cute?  Sam's dad came up to me and said, "What's the baby's name?  Oh, hello Eve.  I'm Adam. I've wanted to say that all my life."  Tami rolled her eyes, but I was amused!
See that huge walnut tree? It was the only thing in the entire yard that hadn't leafed out or bloomed. But that thing is ginormous! I wish I could see it in green.  There were little rock paths and walls all along the hillside, leading up to a playhouse.

They had an antique typewriter there to leave messages for Sam and Heidi.  I could never make it work right, but Brad succeeded. And Evie?  She mostly slept.  Honestly, we marveled at how good she was that day--five hours of flying, 90 minutes of driving, and no bed in sight.  Such a joy, that girl.

And there's one picture inside the house.  I loved this room--scrapbooking, TV, and lots of Mary Englebreit.  If I could, I would move there.  Truly.

Brad begrudgingly admitted on the way home: "I think their yard is better than mine."  True.  But in his defense, this yard has been 50 years in the making.  It's in northern California, where plants will actually grow.  As my friend Shauna said, it's not comparing apples to oranges.  It's comparing zucchini to oranges.  Zucchini can grow anywhere, but oranges take a special situation.  And gardening in AZ is definitely not for the weak-minded.

Give him 45 years.  We'll see what the yard looks like then.
For now, I'm drawing up playhouse plans.

Thanks, Jeremy.


  1. i LOVE the centerpieces...those litle wind things..can't remember the official name. so original and fun.

  2. I love all the green, I miss all that green. Nothing like the foothills! Looks beautiful, those giant balloons are great and I love the idea of using pinwheels, how fun! So glad it went well, and you got a chance to see the "other" side of the family!

  3. Love the Adam and Eve story Jen! And I love all the wedding photos! thank you for sharing this special day with all of us!!

  4. It's wonderful! ALL of it!! And so picturesque...

    Plus, you look darling in that photo.

    And the wedding dress is *just so cute* with that bow.


    PS. I could look at these pictures for several more posts, to tell the truth...

  5. If possible, this looks like it was just as much fun as yours was. How charming everything is! Eve looks so beautiful with her giant flower, just sleeping away. Heidi is beautiful - everything is lovely. You're going to be going over these pics for a long time - so much to see in each one of them! I love it all.

  6. I hope you continue to post your favorite pictures.
    I had so much fun making these ones larger so I could see the details. Everything is just so charming.
    I love the kites in the tree - and I am with you, I bet that tree is amazing when it is all leafed out!
    The cupcake table is so cute.
    The typewriter in the playhouse is totally genious - I love that special touch.
    What a beautiful place!

  7. Love the beautiful yard. Love the fact that you actually got some pictures!

  8. What gorgeous pictures, In love with that yard! Good luck with the giveaway! Everytime I see your profile picture it puts a big smile on my face, the baby is so precious!
    Take care