Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding Realities

Are you sick of hearing about the wedding yet?
I know I made it all sound perfect and great and all, but here's a little dose of reality:
The wedding turned me into Old Mother (in-Law) Hubbard:
This is the status of my fridge and freezer. The freezer's so empty that there's a 25-lb. bag of flour in there. See it?
Gotta try and make it to the store today. Really.
The darling cupcake papers were made by my darling friend Dawn on her Cri-cut machine. I would love to take credit for such an idea, but she reads my blog, and I may need to exploit her talents again in the future.
I got a headache last Monday night that literally dropped me in my tracks. Never had one like that, my friends. A little stress, a little emotion, a little luck. And Boom! I felt a lot woozy and weak and dizzy through all the wedding festivities. Was this a tender mercy that prevented me from bawling through the whole day, grabbing my daughter and a shotgun and running for Mexico? Well, that doozy of a brain ache lingered until I woke up Sunday morning. That's how bad it was.
And do you remember me complaining about an invitation I was required to send to someone I didn't want to invite? Yep. They came. Yep. They lingered and lingered. Yep. She hugged me. Yep. She bonked my head with her hug and seared my brain with the pain. Nope. The present definitely wasn't good. Nope. It wasn't as horrible to have them there as I thought it would be.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I purposely ate cake at Heidi's wedding. How can you not have wedding cake at your daughter's wedding, especially when it costs $3.75 a slice? Well, that "small" concession turned into a full week of sinning and sugaring. I can say that I am happier and more in control of life when I'm a sugarless mom. So back I go, Anna. Until May 27th. No more excuses or weddings.

When will life get back to normal? I'm ready to paint the town red, kick butt and take names again. Doing a wedding really takes it out of you, that's for sure.

and PS: Did you read the comments on yesterday's post? I told you those Brubakers were nice people, didn't I?


  1. All I can say is I hope your massive headache is gone.
    Weddings really do take it out of you because it is not just one day - it is all the planning and preparation and stressful moments leading up to that day and THEN the day comes and it is wonderful but still busy and then after your fridge is empty!! Ha Ha. It is all coming back tome.
    Don't worry life will become normal again sooner than you think...till the next big thing LOL!
    Good luck with your grocery shopping today - I am doing the same thing and NOT looking forward to it!

  2. Sorry you got a headache, but I guess it's not surprising given the strain and strong emotion a wedding brings. I'm not prone to headaches, but when Karin's wedding was over my lupus flared for months.

    I did go back and read the comments from your son-in-law's family. They are wonderful, and I'm glad they appreciate all of you as much as you do them. I have a feeling this is going to be a very good marriage...


  3. I wish I could drop over with a meal and watch your other kids for a bit! You need a vacation to process it all! You can get the sugar out...I'll join you AGAIN. Just picked up a copy of an old book called Sugar Blues....we'll see if it gives me any tricks. I'll let you know. :) Hang in there!

  4. I love that you have flour in the fridge. My kids would more than likely freak out thinking that they really had to eat flour for breakfast. Hahaha.
    I can't function with a headache. ALl I can do is lie on the sofa and sleep...hey, wait. There is an idea...
    Can't wait to see life back to normal!

  5. You need a break..go out to dinner..order in...whatever it takes. You need rest! And I'm loving all the photos!

  6. So...what is May 27th, that it can be a sugar day?

  7. Inquiring minds want to know...did you make it to the store? Or did everyone get a pound of flour and a cup of water for dinner? And just my two cents-loving the wedding pictures, and wish you had even more from Placerville to share!

  8. You are a few children and years ahead of me, not in age but experience. I am grateful for blogs like yours, where I can have a glimpse of what is down the road. I will be reading and learning.

  9. Oh, and now that the wedding's over I'm dying to hear what you think of Survivor and A. Race!!!!

  10. so glad that your headache is over!! you will be yourself in no time. give yourself a break & then you will be motivated to fill the fridge:)

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