Thursday, April 29, 2010

Foto Friday--Two Underacknowledged Photographers

Evie learned a new skill--sitting up for about 20 seconds. Can you believe she's been here 6 months? Me neither.
Ben is feasting on Fathers' and Sons' steak. It's always better in the mountains, isn't it?
That carrot is out of our garden. Really.
The little boys helped Tucker wash his truck for Prom. I don't know how much help they were. And then the starter was acting funny, so he ended up washing the Suburban and taking it instead.
There's something somewhat wrong with the name on Heidi's package, but I can't put my finger on it. Can you?
If you click on this address: you'll see more pictures of Tucker and Karli from Prom--better shots of her dress and a great close-up of the two of them.

And finally, I'm so excited to share these pictures with you that I can't stand it! This is the photographer's slide show of his favorite shots from Heidi's wedding. I know there will be more, but you can get a feel for what things were really like. And I love them. LOVE THEM! Brad thinks he looks really old. But I think he's lookin' pretty hot myself! Which are your favorites?


  1. So NOT fair! There were FAR to many favorites to choose from. But, I will try to remember a few.

    The first one, the black and white with her head down, you used it at the reception. LOVE IT!

    Loved the pic of all the younger siblings all around Heidi at the Temple, so sweet.

    Heidi sitting on the bench showing off her red shoes.

    All the boys in their tuxes sitting on your front lawn.

    All pics of Hyrum, because they were all ridiculously cute!

    Love, love, LOVED the pic of you and Brad dancing. It was just really sweet.

    There were many more of the couple that I really liked, but as I said, too many, too fast.

    Also, Karlis prom dress was gorgeous! WOW! So glad they got to go together and have such a great time.

    Wait, there were more pics. That carrott? RIDICULOUS! And impressive. Evie looks adorable, can't believe it's 6 months already.

  2. Oh yeah, and the pic of her shoes on the table by her cake, super beautiful and cool.

  3. Love the pictures!!! Did you notice that you now have 55 followers? I'm impressed!

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  5. Love the pictures! Brenn has some that are awesome too!

    I love the one of the boys in front and of the family at the reception!

    Brad is HANDSOME!

  6. Thank you fro visiting I am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. Carrots in our garden were never allowed to grow that big as I used to pull them up and eat them while I was weeding 3" long was the best I ever did!!!!!!!

  7. Oh what beautiful photos - how on earth do you choose? Beats the studio photos we had of our wedding nearly 17 years ago. Loved the photos of all your children, and esp. the father/daughter dance. So special and so many to treasure. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for sharing more about the prom. In NZ we don't have a prom - we have a formal dinner and dance so maybe that counts. The students in the last two years of high school(college in NZ) can go to this - I suspect your prom is only for those in the last year of high school (seniors?). It's a different language to kiwi's who only refer to the grade level at school. Anyhow, enjoyed reading the story behind the prom dress too so thanks for the link.


  8. Just posted my comment twice so deleted one of them - didn't realise it would show up so sorry!! Catherine

  9. The wedding photos are all beautiful. I love the ones by the water. The reflections are amazing! You look great, too, by the way!

    The photos of prom - I like the close-up best. They look so good together and the dress is beautiful, too.

  10. No way to choose a favorite, since any picture that has someone I love in it is my favorite. I will say that you looked absolutely gorgeous with not a trace of illness showing. Beautiful day, beautiful memories.

  11. R and I are completely impressed by the carrot! WOW! A link? Knowing that I may have visitors kind of makes me feel like I need to tidy up a bit :) We love all the wedding photos. They are beautiful and priceless. It is so worth having a great photographer.

    ps we didn't take one bad picture of you son who always complains of being photo challenged!

  12. R and I are completely impressed by the carrot! WOW! A link? Knowing that I may have visitors kind of makes me feel like I need to tidy up a bit :) We love all the wedding photos. They are beautiful and priceless. It is so worth having a great photographer.

    ps we didn't take one bad picture of you son who always complains of being photo challenged!

  13. OK, that group picture in front of the temple with everyone kissing is HILARIOUS--those boys in the front.

    And now I REALLY want that canopy of white lights in my backyard. dreamy

  14. Goose bumps! And by the end I was crying. Geez. What a boob. But it was so beautiful, Jen!! And I can't help thinking what a blessing it all is...

    The pictures are amazing. Every one of them. You can feel the love...

    My favorites? Heidi and her dad, laughing into each other eyes while dancing...a similar shot of you and Brad, looking at each other rather like Steve Martin and what's-her-name in Father of the Bride...and that shot of the bouquet where Heidi is holding it behind her back. Also, those last ones at the temple, including the pool reflection one and that "big picture" one where the whole scene is shown...temple, landscape, and the newlyweds in front.

    And every single photo with your cute children!

    Guess you could say that my review is a thumbs up.


    PS. Karin has been married 2 years now, and I still write "Anderson" instead of "Valdez." Almost every time. It's hard to let go of years of conditioning!

  15. Ah! I love the wedding pictures and I'm so glad I had got to look at them!

  16. The pictures were amazing. I loved the whole mix of formal poses and "real life" captured shots. So fun. Heidi looked incredibly beautiful and definitely in love. Just the way the day should be.

  17. Beautiful!

    If it were me having to choose from all those wonderful pictures, I would be broke. I would want them ALL!

  18. You should check out my blog Jen, I got some really great shots of Heidi and Sam! I haven't gone through all of them yet, but the ones up are pretty fabulous if I do say so myself!!

  19. Heidi's wedding pictures look great! My favorites...the very first shot on the slide show, the kissing group shot outside the temple (funny little kids in front!) and the father/daughter dancing pics.

  20. Wow, how can that be the same little girl that used to jump on the trampoline with my boys! She's beautiful (she looks like her mama)

  21. The pictures are wonderful! What a good photographer! My favorites (without really knowing who anyone is) are the bridal couple by the water, you and your husband dancing, (and he is very handsome, by the way), the moon over the temple, the lights in your backyard, and for some reason I'm always a sucker for the shot of the back of the couple walking away together. Symbolic, kind of. And the SHOES. The RED SHOES!!

  22. Yeah, those pictures were awesome!! I am totally loving her red shoes! Totally least from someone who doesn't know your daughter. And I love the picture of one of your little boys with the suit and bare feet. Typical boy! They did a great job!!

  23. Jen I really, really enjoyed all the amazing pictures from your daughters wedding! They are just beautiful!
    Isn't it SO worth the money to hire a professional - That was my big thing when my daughter got married because when it is all over the dress it boxed up, the food is gone but you still will always have those pictures!!

    They are all so lovely I cannot possible pick favorites.

    We went to a Wedding at the Mesa Temple not quite 2 years ago and it is a beautiful Temple for wedding pictures.

  24. karli's prom dress was LOVELY! =)
    what a lucky fella you have at your house, well and she looked pretty lucky too.
    great coverage of heidi's wedding, too! spectacular shoes & i adore the one of her standing on the bench!!! is that your backyard?! italian sodas, yummers. =)
    you sure know how to throw a party.
    congrats to you & your family.
    you are all beautiful!