Friday, April 30, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

When Hyrum finished his "no ice cream" fit, Micah asked if he could read Hyrum a story. I love brothers.
Random loose ends from this week:

First, a shout-out to Paige at life is a phoenix.  (And I'm not just gushing because she called me lovely and cute and mention that I have beautiful children.  It doesn't hurt, however.) We had quite a hilarious blog moment this week over the word "schwa." Read about it here.  And for those of you who don't know, a schwa is this:

Catherine: Thanks for info on life in New Zealand. I wish you had a blog. I'd totally read and follow. Just sayin'. And Prom in Arizona is open to juniors and seniors.

Karen: I wanted to take a picture of Evie with her darling headband that came in the mail today, but a few things cropped up (see entry below on fruit flies). I wish it had been here for Heidi's wedding. Woulda been perfect! Thanks!

Blogger must have heard my cries, because the problems I was facing with the photo editor have miraculously disappeared. Whew. I was a mite concerned.

I secretly love it when I walk into Safeway and I hear the station--80s music.  They really know their demographic.  How can I resist a second box of Cinnamon Life when Boston is playing in the background?

Lily did NOT get to eat the frosting. I was so amused that I showed Ben, then I let him eat it. Is that fair? Well, answer me this: Is life fair? There you go.

That canopy of lights at the wedding really was spectacular. I wish you could see what it truly looked like. And the pics. Sigh. So stunning. Love that photography guy.

My neighbor's son was married yesterday.  Love this kid.  He called me this afternoon to ask if it was still okay if they stayed in our guesthouse tonight and tomorrow night?  Lucky he called--completely slipped my mind.  I ran out there (it's been ignored since Heidi's wedding), and I have never been so horrified in all my life.  A bag of lemons had been abandoned on the counter, along with a forgotten overflowing garbage can on the kitchen floor.  In all honesty, I've never seen so many fruit flies in my entire life!  I had time to get the house fumigated, sanitized, deoderized, and un-embarrass-ized.  The kicker?  When Tucker came home from school, I replayed the discovery for him, ending with, "You've never seen so many fruit flies. You wouldn't believe it."  To which he replied, "Yes, I would.  I was in there two days ago."  And ya didn't tell me?  Hell-O!

And now, my friends, I'm off to spend my Saturday directing the youth in a low-budget version of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." How low is the budget, you ask? Well, the "dreamcoat" is a $17 women's muumuu shirt from TJMaxx. Any other questions?
I'll try to take pics. But I don't know if they have a paparazzi budget.


  1. You made me laugh this morning. I needed that! I'm so with you on stores playing music from the 80's. I'm that crazy lady who sings along. Also, got a huge chuckle that Tucker KNEW about the mess/fruit flies in the guest house and didn't feel the need to say or do anything about it. Sounds so much like my boys!

  2. I KNOW - what is it about boys? They never think to fill you in on the most heinous details! What a funny story - that could totally happen to me. If I had a guesthouse, I mean.
    Have a great rehearsal. I want to see pics of that dreamcoat. Sounds awesome!

  3. I love that you got the well-deserved shout-out. And was amused about the fruit flies...And smug about the rehearsal (because all of my own rehearsals, directing the bishopric skit for the talent show, are over!).

    Sounds like you're biting off a little bit more than a talent show entry, though. Good luck!


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  5. Soooo glad he reminded you about staying in your guesthouse. I still need to figure out when I get to use that guesthouse. Now that it's all cleaned up, it sounds lovely. Good luck. That is one of my most favorite shows. I love to belt out "Jo,Jo Joseph" to the soundtrack. (Of course, within the walls of my own home!) PS How come you don't talk about reality shows anymore? Too busy to watch? Probably one of my most favorite seasons of Survivor this season. Amazing Race...not so much.

  6. The fact that Tucker KNEW about the fruit flies just is so typical of teen boys that I almost snorted milk out my nose - SO funny and totally something my kid would do too!!

    I always tell my kids that the 80's was definately the best decade - the best music and I still miss big hair! ha ha

  7. Oh my! We had a fruit fly infestation last year. We left some bananas out when we went home for Thanksgiving.It was bad... We are talking they hung around for a month or so. No matter what we did...annoying. Finally, I read that if you put amonia in your sink every night, it will kill them. Sure enough, within a few days they were gone. Sigh...
    Hope yours isn't as bad as our.
    And can't wait to hear about your low-budget performance!

  8. You crack me up. "Hell-O." I love it. That reminds me of one of my favorite lines: "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." So funny. I think George Carlin said it, but I don't know. Don't care, either. It's funny. And true.