Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No, I Didn't Forget Him . . . This Time

Ben turned fourteen on Saturday. But we didn't complete his birthday festivities until last night.

You know you're turning fourteen when . . .

you ask for a guitar and new shirts
you pose like this on purpose
Mom has to make four batches of crepes to feed the family (between two teenage boys, it was barely enough)

Ben has been suffering a bit from middle-child syndrome lately. Heidi's wedding, Tucker graduating, new baby. But he is such a mellow guy that I don't think he carries a grudge.

Let me reminisce a moment . . .
Five years ago, Ben asked me this question, "What time are you bringing treats to school?"
Exasperated, I asked, "Why? Why do I have to bring treats to school?"
"Because you're supposed to."
"What does that supposed to mean? I don't remember getting a note from the teacher?"
"Mom, it's my birthday. You're supposed to bring birthday treats."

Bad mom.
Very bad mom.
But he got exceptional birthday treats that year.
And that's my Benny. Never carry a grudge. Love that kid.

A few recent Ben-isms:
"You're home from your walk. Good. Now Tucker's reign of tyranny will end."

"Unbeknownst to many historians, Nephi was a hip-hop artist."

"Love my new shirt. Mostly because it's fuzzy."
Post-Edit: Is anyone else having super-headache using the updated editor for uploading pictures? In the middle of writing this post it must have been changed because now everything's weird and I can't use the new editor at all. Who do we complain to?


  1. Happy Birthday Ben! 14 is good. And a guitar..how cool is that? I think you should still bring the treats in to school! I'm up waaay to late over here on the east coast..just going to bed and saw your latest blog...and I LOVE the name Ben by the way. (if I ever had another boy.... :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Benny Boy! I didn't realize I'd missed it! I laughed good and hard OUT LOUD at his comments, especially about Tucker. That kid is a crack up, I do enjoy him so. Don't ever show pictures of crepes, that is just rude! I mean, where was my invite? Do you not know I LURVE crepes oh so much? haha Looks like he had a good birthday after all.

  3. Happy Birthday Ben!! Love the picture - only Ben can mke his face do that on purpose.

  4. Ben seems like such a great kid. Happy birthday to him!

    As for the new post editor, I haven't used it yet. In fact, I was going to write a blog about it this week asking if there are any bugs that make it wise to wait a bit.

    I think you just answered my question!


  5. Fun stuff Miss Jen! Love his comments:)

  6. And Happy Birthday to Ben...cute kid! Those crepes look awesome...and feeding teenage boys is so hard!!!

  7. He sounds so much like my 2nd son... it just cracks me up! I think I need a crepe maker. I don't think my family has ever had them...

  8. Happy Birthday to Ben! Looks like it was a good Birthday all around.

  9. haha....that conversation sounded like one i have had w/my kids about bringing treats! ha ha
    glad to know i'm not alone!

  10. I'm still chuckling over the Nephi comment...hip hop...who knew?! :)

  11. I'd love to know more about Nephi's Hip-Hop. I love the guitar, I'm still trying to talk at least one of my boys into wanting to play. As to the food---welcome to my world! Tate already eats like a teenager, so that makes 3 of 'em. I'm convinced nothing in the world consumes as much as a teenage boy!

  12. My sister in law came across your blog on stef's blog. She then saw my name on your side bar and asked if I knew who you were. OF COURSE!!!!

  13. I love the "isms." Perfect. I love it! Life at the Denton house seems like fun. You have crepes.

    I want crepes.

    I made monkey bread, though! I'll share if you will!

    PS: I've never been able to use any of the editors effectively. But then again, I'm a dweeb.

  14. happy birthday Ben!!what a cool gift to get...your whole family looks and sound amazing...and you mom sound like a super amazing mother!

  15. Ben sounds like an Uber cool kid - I think he would get along great with my Taylor (also 14) - Does he like Guitar Hero too?

    Those mellow middle boys are the best!

    I laughed about Nephi being a Hip Hop Artist - ha ha :D

    Those crepes look SOOOOO good - I had a hard time continuing on with the post because my mouth was drooling.

    I never changed to the updated editor because I didn't want to mess with a good thing.

  16. I like your son - he has a great (and quirky) sense of humor. It looks like he got a fabulous birthday celebration, albeit late. Sometimes late is worth it if everyone is finally focused on you. And you are Good Mom, Good Mom.

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