Monday, April 26, 2010

Why God Created Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been responsible for many of the world's greatest miseries: plagues, pestilences, disease. Millions of people have lost their lives from mosquito-related disease. Billions of dollars have been spent perfecting ways to eliminate these blood-sucking demons from swamps, marshes and neighborhoods--and billions more dollars have been spent inventing ways to prevent the spread of disease.

As a girl, I had a mosquito phobia. I would avoid going outside when I knew the bugs were out. I would wear long sleeves and pants during hot camping days. Unfortunately for me, I draw mosquitoes like outhouses draw flies.  I must be really sweet (inside, not outside), because I always get twice as many bites as anyone else in the vicinity.
As an adult, the phobia grew, and I passed it unwittingly on to my children. Citronella candles, Skin-So-Soft, repellent sprays and wipes. Bug sprays around every window and door. Benadryl sticks and anti-itch creams and gels. I even purchased ultrasonic gadgets that were supposed to drive the bugs batty and repel them non-chemically. The summer that Grandpa Tucker took me and four of my kids on a week-long horse-packing trip I brought mosquito nets for each kid to wear. (That's another story. And those nets were completely necessary, it turns out. Lily's line of 16 bites across her five-year-old forehead were justification enough.)

I have never been afraid of catching a disease. I hated mosquito bites with an intensity equal to any germophobe. Why? Because I always had a complete lack of self-control when it came to scratching. No matter how many times I would tell myself to just leave them alone, I would cover myself in welts and scabs from sheer "itch frustration."

And then, four years ago, I grew up. I tried a little experiment. Let's see how long it takes for a mosquito bite to go away if you never scratch it. Guess what? It takes two-and-a-half days for a bite to go completely away if not scratched. How long does it take for a scab to go away? Lots longer. So, my scientific experiment yielded an unexpected result: If I can have patience for about a day, then I would not add any more mosquito-related scars to my already plentiful collection.

Mosquitoes taught me patience. Is that why God created them? So that I could deal with this?

How many times in fifteen minutes can this three-year-old demand:

More times than the itsy bitsy bug bite on my shin itches, that's for sure.

Thanks for creating mosquitoes. Because if they hadn't, I may have gone to prison for a grievous crime, attributable to a serious lack of patience.

p.s. Wish you could see the computer screen. I just squished one. Ah, the irony.


  1. Love the patience tie in with the mosquito's!

    I don't like the little buggers either and I always wondered why some people really do get bit more than others.

    Love to camp but hate the bugs!

  2. Love the pics of Rumm diddy, 'cause they say it all. And your post was SO much better written than mine. Maybe that's because you have 7 kids and I only have 2.

    Oh, and mosquitoes LOVE me as well. So not fun.

  3. We used to have big ones and they had many millions of friends when I was young. I didn't fear them, but a mosquito bite on me is like Mt Fuji, even if I don't scratch. I guess my body is serious about the healing process.
    At least it taught you something. :)

  4. I needed this laugh this morning! And there has got to be a better way to teach patience..hope your day is mosquito free!

  5. How appropriate. . .there are alot of similiarities. . .annoying buzzing sounds and annoying whinning coming from a three year old. My three year old is under the weather and the "buzzing" has been almost unbearable. . .
    Thanks for the smile!

  6. I hate mosquitoes. Why? Because they love me! At Girls' Camp once, I won the award for most bites. I had 76! 76 bites!!!

    They haven't bothered me nearly as much since I started taking kyolic garlic capsules every day. It's been quite miraculous.


    PS. The mosquito pic is gross.

    PPS. True on the patience thing, though. I guess even detestable insects can teach us something...

  7. Finally someone to answer the age old question. I've wondered many times and never was able to find the answer. Thank you.

  8. I don't get bothered much by mosquitoes but my kids sure do! I just don't like them buzzing in my ear! HAHAHA! Hyrum's face is funny - I can say that because I'm not there with the sound effects going. Reminds me a lot of when my kids were that age. Ahhh...good times.

  9. Mix dry basil and catnig - put in a cheesecloth bag and hang or put around where you don't want them. Works really well.

    Mosquitos don't love me either - must not be sweet on the inside or outside!!

    Patience is something we develop - s-l-o-w-l-y.....

  10. Haha! I totally LOVED the twist on the one! Didn't see that coming. And those bloodsuckers can really get to you...and the mosquitoes are annoying too.

  11. Citronella candles, repellent sprays, Benadryl sticks, anti-itch creams and gels? I think you stacked your medicine cabinet with anti-mosquito substances. But I can't blame you; with the numbers of people who lost their lives because of mosquitoes diseases, these are just worth bringing. There are mosquitoes everywhere, and we didn't know which of it carries a virus. - Maurise Gelman @

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