Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bye-bye Monkey

It's time to confess.
The sugar monkey has invaded my life again.
And I wonder why I'm so tired?  Kinda grumpy?  Five extra pounds on the scale? Did I mention tired?

I hate that I'm an "all-or-nothing" kind of gal.  But it's either nothing, or everything I see--a quiet raid of kids' candy stashes, handfuls of chocolate chips.  Even stealthy sips out of the Hershey's syrup bottle.

If I want this summer to be the one I have envisioned--a summer focused on my kids and making happy memories--I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands.  And that means no more sugar.

Why does it all devolve upon the mom? 
So not fair.

But it will be worth it.  I'll have to keep reminding myself of that.  And you keep me accountable, okay?
And now, if you will excuse me, I need to perform a sugar exorcism.
And a few handfuls of M&Ms to "dispose" of.


  1. Hang in there - you can shake the sugar monkey and get your energy back. I'm rooting for you!

  2. You failed to mention that I, your coolest of ALL friends inspired this move. Well, not so much inspired, but helped youdecide to do it along with me. Sheesh! But, be it known, I'm excited that we're in it together. And also, there was a twinge of sad upon the announcement that there would be no cookies from you. But, then I remembered that it was ok, since sugar is bad and of the devil. I too have one more day to partake of the crack. And then I shall put the pipe down.

  3. I am so right there with you...was doing great, then some stress, some parties, and wham....that monkey has been here a little too long. I was reporting on my blog pounds lost...ahem...took a break from that. YIKES. Not sure where I am, going on clothes. What tips do you have??? You were so successful at this...I'd love to hear!!

  4. Hahaha! I love you - swigging from the Hershey's syrup bottle. That's something I would do. Good luck in your endeavor - it takes about a week to get the sugar out of your system, and after that it surprising how it doesn't even sound that good anymore (except in your head - it takes a little longer to break the habit in your head). Staying busy helps the most - but with your family that shouldn't be too hard. Sugar kind of is all or nothing though. If you let even a little piece of candy in again, the walls come tumbling down incredibly fast. Good luck - I salute you!

  5. I am on this crazy cycle too. I am sitting here eating lemon cake for breakfast. :(

  6. Just found your blog through Laura's site...Oh my goodness, I am so glad I did! Your family is beautiful, though I must admit I'm dying to scroll back through old posts to find out if those are all your children. If so, WOW and I have a boatload of respect for you! Looking forward to reading more. I'm a new follower. Happy Memorial Day, Jen!

  7. I just think those monkey fingernails are a bit creepy. BAD MONKEY!!

  8. I totally hear you. . .it is so hard to know that as moms we are the barometer of the family!

    If it helps. .. you commented awhile ago on your blog how you were a better mom when you are off sugar and that has helped me on those days when not eating sugar is so hard.

    It is true that we are less grumpy and certainly less tired. Too bad that doesn't make it easier!
    Hang in there!

  9. I need a sugar exorcism of my own- I don't think I could get it all the way out of my house though, the hubs is a fiend! Good luck kicking the habit! and share your helpful hints for the rest of us addicts por favor?

  10. I'm going to do the same thing. Seriously. Startling Wednesday, when I get home


  11. Awww the sugar monkey I love it!!! I am new to your blog and I am excited to keep reading it :) Thanks for having a fun blog :)

  12. I'm on board with you and Allyson! I hate it already, but I'm gonna do that a bad attitude to have before I've even started?! ;)

  13. Jen, I just caught up on all of your posts that I have missed. I am so glad that Amy featured you on New Nostalgia with your list!!! Glad you are in summer mode! We have 4 more days. You can do the sugar thing, just keep buying fresh fruit & veggies & make sure they are on hand at all times. I am more of a salty girl, so I have to work on that!

  14. The only child in this entire household who harbors a candy stash is me. And it's locked. Should i change the combo? =)

  15. Okay, I did this in March and I totally need to do it again. I lost almost 10 lbs. that month! Unfortunately, I gained it all back again when I started eating sugar again...yuck! You may have inspired me to go for it soon as I make it through this weekend! Good luck with your goal!