Friday, May 28, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

This has been a day.

Tucker and his friends were here until almost 2 am before heading to breakfast somewhere else. Brad stayed up with them, but I was up until midnight and up with Baby at 5:15.

What else did we do on the first day of summer vacation?

Went to the library with six kids. One slept through most of it, luckily. Hyrum wouldn't choose any books--none appealed until I threatened to leave before he got any. We only had to pay $15 in fines. That may be a new low for the Denton clan. I held a lady's screaming baby while she fought the library computer. Luckily, mine was still sleeping.

Coached Ben through the first few lessons of online Geometry. He's gonna be fine with it, just a time crunch. I had to run to Walgreen's for a spiral notebook, protractor and compass.

Watched the kids swim. The water is actually getting to a temp where I may brave it. Maybe Monday, we'll see.

Hosted Slob Day.  See? Even Evie participated.

Took Tucker to a friend's to spend the night at their cabin. It's beginning. Our first day and night without him. Sigh.

Got Ben's and my eyes checked. 94 minutes later we discovered Ben does indeed need glasses and mine will be fine but I got sunglasses for when I drive. I sat next to a cute young pregnant lady who told me she's having twins. Sigh.

Had a lemonade stand. It was almost if not all the way 100 degrees today, so not many people came by. But I think the girls each made $1, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Created edible masterpieces. I actually let the kids do their own pizzas. (I must be growing up if I can give up control like that.) Mom accidentally misread the recipe and the sauce was a titch salty. Oh well. Only Dad complained. (Who knew titch would pass the spell-check?)

Best of all, checked off our first goal of the summer.  If I were truly brave, I'd include a picture of what my house looks like.  Not gonna happen!

I hate Slob Day. But I think the kids loved it.  Tomorrow they may be sorry.

I hope this summer pace doesn't kill me--it left me no time for blogging.  I couldn't catch up on Alphabe-Thursday or Mama Kat, let alone all of my regular reads.  Here's hoping to get up early tomorrow and visit y'all.



  1. It's exhausting, isn't it? We pulled weeds for 1/2 hour, took the kids swimming, but it while it started out nice, it ended up 62 and windy. We were FREEZING.

  2. Freezing up here too - and rainy. I long for the kind sunshine that makes my hair feel warm - weird, I know! We have a fire going tonight, in an attempt to take the damp edge off the house.
    I'll send you some of my rain, and you can send me some of your sunshine!

  3. Wow! How do you fit it all in?

    The past couple of days have felt overwhelming to me. I keep thinking, "I only have 3 kids. I should be able to handle this!" Our summer begins in 2 weeks-- I'm going to follow your cue and make some goals now before half the summer is over.

  4. Sounds like you are running at a breakneck pace!

    (Whatever happened to those dreamy, slow-paced summers of yesteryear? Gone, but not forgotten, I guess.)


    PS. Looks like a lot of fun, though...

  5. oh, you so should've posted that picture. :]

  6. oh! i forgot to add that you checked off slob day with such flair and force. so i guess you are glad it's over, huh?

    and thanks SO MUCH for putting picky in your sidebar. that makes me happy, especially since i'm one of those ratfink bloggers who has music that automatically loads, which you don't like so much. thanks, too, for following picky!! you're a gem!

  7. That picture of Eve is just classic. And Lily's hair is getting so long! And Tucker's graduated. That's bizarre. Just kidding... I can't believe a year ago it was me. It has gone by so incredibly fast.

    Have a wonderful start of the summer!

  8. Yes, but you got to be slobs. That is just necessary once in awhile.

    However, I won't lie, my blog comments miss you, as you have been away.

    Ben, glasses, I'm sure he'll look adorable.

  9. Sounds like a fun day! And, I for one would love to see pictures of the results of slob day! Somehow, I bet your house is still in better shape than mine on a regular ole' day. Sigh.

  10. hey did you bite the bullet and make the pizza dough? :o)

    as for the library..hate fees...our town now doesn't do that...go figure on how they can?!

  11. whew! I'm tired just reading that! :)

  12. Made me tired too! That's how the days go when the grandkids come, and I'm always surprised how exhausted I am. I acclimate just in time for them to go home, and then I'm restless and bored for a few days. What a good mom you are! I used to love the first part of summer vacation - so many many possibilities are open, and it stays light until so late! Loved the beach days, swimming lessons, ice cream outings and BBQs - and bonfires!

  13. What fun- I can't wait until we're out of school, they're killing me by making the kids go beyond memorial day. So glad you had a fun slob day. I hope you manage without your sweet Tucker!

  14. Enjoy every minute of the summer with your little ones. Mine are all grown... oh! How I miss those summer vacation days. ( :
    Thank you for your comment and thanks SO much for adding me to the roll!
    Have a pretty night,

  15. Oh my goodness! Found your blog today and LOVE it! You are hilarious. Our library fines have kept me a goodly distance from the local free knowledge center, but I may brave it if you did! Love the idea of slob day...wait, I think maybe every day here could be termed that...not sure it could get much worse!!! LOL!

  16. AHhh, summer vacation! And the fees are what hinder my library attendance. I need to go more often. Maybe THIS summer will be the one where we go EVERY week.
    You are one fun mommy! Have a great I am gonna check your list of summer goals...

  17. I love your day. I love the library and that you helped a sweet are you. I love that you bought a notebook and are helping with geometry (my toughest subject), ahh the pool, the sweet picture of Evie, lemonade stand and homemade pizza (you are brave to release control!). Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  18. Love it! Slob day! We have too many of those around here I think... Hope you don't wear yourself out this summer. We are trying to do as little as possible as my kids will only get 4 weeks off. :(

  19. Wow, did you do all that in one day? I'm amazed that you got so much done with so many people home with you!

    By the way, that is quite a list of goals you have written down!

  20. Whew! I'm tired just after reading all of this. But I think you've got something with slob day...

  21. Ineed to make a summer list. What a fun way to kick it off. Off to find the big paper and a big place to put it!

  22. I am loving your blog found you through Sarah. I have a daughter named Evie too. She's 17 months old and her name is Evelyn Claire but we call her Evie. Your Evie is so cute!