Monday, May 17, 2010


Tucker is eighteen today. I can't believe it. In eleven days he'll graduate from high school. In 31, he'll be at college.

Where did the years go?

Singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
Naming every dinosaur
Wearing eye patches
Dropping ice cream in the trash and crying
Fighting to practice the piano
Kissing those big sloppy kisses
Reading stories
Doing puzzles
Teaching to pray
Praying for direction
Beaming in pride

Once a boy
Now a man
Forever my son



  1. That was a precious post! :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful boy with us!

  2. I love following the lives of your kids. You make it so beautiful. :)

    Happy Birthday to Tucker!

  3. I too can't believe how fast it all speeds by. From a boy to a man in a blink of an eye. This reminded me of a post I wanted to write and had forgotten about.
    Thanks you for the mental nudge,

  4. For no good reason at all, that made me tear up.

    Seriously, I'm struggling with the fact that that hyper, scrappy little 11 year old that first graced my life is now such a tall, handsome, wonderful 18 year old. You did good jenny D. you did good! Tuck is a GREAT kid. Can't wait to see how he grows in college.

  5. Neat post.

    It's amazing how quickly it happens, isn't it?

    Happy birthday to Tucker! (My own son's birthday is tomorrow, and he will be 28.) And that's my youngest.

    Pretty crazy.


  6. There is no one like our Tucker C. I love the way he treats his old grandma, so I love being around him. I know he will make a great life for himself. Once you get past the "where did all the time go?", isn't great to have grownup children?

  7. awwww
    so tell us how you deal w/the 'my baby is going off to college' phase.
    i swore i would never have teenagers...and now i've moved onto i swear i'll never have one leave the nest!

  8. IMPOSSIBLE!!! I am impressed by his charm. He is so very sweet to me. I am excited to see where these boys will end up - who they will marry.

    I need to come and cuddle on Eve!

  9. What an exciting (and a little sad) time. Happy birthday to Tucker too!

  10. That's just crazy! It hits a little too close to home, as I know Kiefer follows not too far behind. Hope he has a fabulous eighteenth birthday!

  11. Happy Happy birthday Tucker! 18 is good!! What a fabulous post to him!!

  12. That was lovely.
    My boy will be thirty next week - father of two - where did the time go?

  13. such a wonderful does it go so fast? my oldest is going to 8th grade in a few months. i am really trying to stay "in the moment", but it is zipping by!! enjoy the bday festivities!

  14. Happy Birthday to Tucker. What a cutie, in both pictures. That tugs on my heart strings. Some day it will be my son...

  15. Happy Birthday Tucker! Love the things you said about him, there are so many things to love about kids.

  16. You are going through such a busy season in your life! 18th birthday and college all in a month's time? Jen you've held it all together so well. Praying you are able to enjoy every moment of this season.

  17. a righteous, valiant son. wow. what an honor! =) great job, mom.