Saturday, May 15, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing--AM Eve, Part Six

Clockwise from top left:
My high school dream car
Bouganvillea and tea lights
Wish this were my mailbox
Ode to Mondrian
And my two favorite pictures for the week:
Gardenias in my front yard

And this one. I love the lighting.

Answers to questions this week:
The curli-q that was taken in my yard was the black wrought iron porch light with the red brick wall in the background.

Heidi told the story of the Statue of Liberty in a comment on Thursday's post, in case you missed it.

I read the first sequel to These Is My Words, and I didn't enjoy it much, so I never read the third.

Aubrey, I'm so happy you recognized your house in these shots!  I was wondering if you would!

It was not blood in the picture "Stephen was here."  That's good ole red AZ dirt.

Pam, Brad is all about a house swap.  If you ever seriously want to plan a vacay out here, let me know, and we can talk.  Beach in MA for desert?  The trade sounds hardly fair!

Yes, Eve is still getting up way too early.  And I actually had a tag-a-long a few times this week--Hyrum's decided he likes 5 am as well.

I had a blast giving you a photo tour of our neighborhood this week.  I may need to do it again sometime.
As for next week, many things percolating in my head.  I feel a diatribe or two coming on.
See you Monday!


  1. It was lovely to have a look at your neighborhood - I am a nosy sort and love to see where others live!
    We're also investigating house swaps, but I don't know about the desert in the summer, when you'd probably have school vacation......

  2. Sounds interesting. I do love a good cathartic!


    PS. I enjoyed the tour of your neighborhood, too. Lets do it again sometime...

  3. Great pictures! I love photography too, and your clever take on everyday things:). Thank you for your sweet comment. It's funny that I had already started my post before I read your challenge but reading yours made me feel sort of connected to you and I had to share mine, (if that even makes sense:). OUr mutual friends are Julie A. and Cindy B. We've been friends since our kids were little when we were all in the same ward. Small world, huh? Keep up the good work!

  4. Looking forward to your diatribe(s). And you take lovely pictures!

    I wanted a VW Bug when I was in High School too. :)

  5. I too wanted a VW bug...still do. The new ones of course; with the flower vase in the dash!

    The photo tour was amazing. It will make me open my eyes to my neighborhood a little more to see all the *pretty* in it. :)

  6. I love the gardenias and the tour! This is fun.

  7. so jealous of those gardenia's in your front yard. What a beautiful blog you have!

  8. Love those pictures too. I am with you about the rest of the These is My Words. I never read the third, LOVED the first and could have gone without reading the second. Sometimes you should just leave well enough alone!
    But the pictures are great!!

  9. my kids have always been early risers as well. . .it certainly makes the mornings more exciting:)

    I left you an award on my blog. . .

  10. My boyfriend in high school had a vw bug. Almost as good as having your own.... Love the pictures of flowers. I'm so happy flowers are starting to come out here. It's been along time a comin'.

  11. you had me at gardenia... :)

  12. Wow, love that picture of the Gardenias, that is beautiful. My Jr. High ELP type teacher had a yellow, convertible VW Bug. I thought she was the coolest ever, and sincerely wanted one for years after. Still think it would be fun! I love the pictures, fun idea!

  13. gardenias in your yard? oh what a lucky girl you are!!