Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Ideal Fit

Women of America, I know we all detest shopping for pants.  Why can't we be like men?  "Hello, Miss Sales Clerk.  I need new jeans and I wear a 32x34.  What do you have in my size?"
Why can't it be that easy? Are we really all shaped that differently?  Guess we must be.

I hate buying new pants or shorts--anything without elastic waistbands, anyway.  Nothing ever fits me just right--mine are always too tight at the lower hip and way too loose in the waist.  Always.  I think the correct term is "curvy" nowadays.  In my mom's era it was "hippy," until that word came to denote a generation of drug addicts and tie-dyed VW bus travelers.

So . . . I was hunting through my closet last week, down to the dark recesses where clothes hang that haven't seen the light of day in years.  We all have that place in our closets, right?  Where "too-small-but-might-fit-one-day" clothes hang out with the "I-better-never-wear-that-again!" disasters purchased for some crazy occasion.  And while I was there, I found a pair of shorts with the tags still attached.  I must have bought these shorts in 2008, because I was pregnant last summer, so you know I wasn't squeezing into them in '09.
I'm pretty willing to try just about anything for eight bucks.  But the Dockers tag is the one that made me stop.  Seriously?  A pair of shorts that claim to be the "ideal fit"?  Is that even possible?  Could Dockers be sued for deceptive tagging?  Where did I get these anyway?  I can't tell from the tag.

So I put them on.

And then, I sighed.

They fit in the waist.

They didn't pull at the hip.

They were just the right length.

How did Dockers do it?

It's the ideal fit!

Where do I get some more?


  1. This made me cry with joy for you. And then I felt insanely jealous and then back to happiness again. I think I need to go to bed.

  2. Hurray. A perfect fit. That is something that hardly EVER happens.

    Go on the internet and search, search, search until you find two more pairs in different colors!


    PS. I doubt you'll be lucky enough to find 'em for $8.00 though. That was a super deal.

  3. I have that problem, too. I must be curvy. But I'm not. I think that pants are just made for people with freakish bodies. I've tried on lots of jeans with waistbands that are WAY too big but I've also tried them on where the waist band is in the right spot on the front and then covering my kidneys in the back. What the heck?
    So glad you found a good pair. I have a few like that and I'd maul someone if they tried to take them.
    Wow, I should really try to dial back on the violence.

  4. Actually... they still make them and you can buy them online at the dockers website. the "ideal" fit is now the "regular" fit. I am in love with this style too! I get mine at Kohls. Happy shopping. :)

  5. I think I need to find me a pair of those!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  6. Wow, pants with descriptions that actually are true! I'd call those magical pants if I were you. I'd totally stock up on them just in case they ever stop making them :)

  7. Hooray!!! Pants shopping is the WORST. I found some clothes in my closet the other day that were the same thing. Where did I get these, and when? Shocking, what lurks in there.

  8. Yes! I hate shopping for anything really. Don't get me wrong...I love clothes and things, but I hate the whole shopping part. There's probably 101 other things I would like to be doing than shopping. My girls on the other hand.....poor dad gets suckered into taking them shopping because I just can't stand it.

  9. Add being 5'10" to the mix. No one except Penney's (gag) thinks anyone is over 5'7". Most pants feel like a continue snuggie!

  10. "continual" snuggie ... that causes brain damage!

  11. Yes! Every once in awhile magic happens and you're blessed to purchase that elusive item that fits well, flatters you, is the perfect color, AND it's comfortable! Those are the things I wear until they're tattered rags. I'm glad the magic happened for you today!

  12. When you find em, let us all know where! We could all use a perfect fit :) We have started making lists for college: packing, meals, clothes, costs, etc. Hope your day in the pew with mostly littles wasn't too hectic. I was thinking about you.

  13. THRILLED for this report. Our Kohl's has a TON of Dockers...but as another commenter suggested, we can get them from their website. Woo-hoo.

  14. I'd recognize a Kohl's clearance tag if I saw one anyday! (the red & yellow one in the back) Awesome!! Too bad ideal fit isn't my ideal... I need the room in other places! So happy for you though!

  15. Here I am year post baby. Still could pass for being about 4 months pregnant. UUGH. Is it too much to ask to be stylish and comfortable and not spend a fortune?? Great find Jenny!!

  16. Oh how I wish for your problem. I have can never get pants the right length...They are always too long. I am 5'3" is that short.
    Howlucky. LLike getting new shorts for free!! (only you paid next to nothing for it a few years back." It's like finding money in your pocket. Whoot!

  17. Hoo-ray for clothes that actually fit! I will tell you that my mom used to work for some pants making company when she was young. She did the waist bands. And she told me that as long as the measurement was within 2 inches it was that size. So that is why a size 12 isn't always like a size 12.

    And I hear ya about finding the right fit. I am very long from the waist down. Finding a good fit is not an easy task.

  18. Let me tell you the trousers saga is worldwide esp. here in my city in NZ where the selection of reasonably priced clothes is limited. No Target, Walmart, Ross to choose from - just two department stores in the city and then women's clothing stores. Oh to be back where the problem was too much selection as opposed to wearing the same as everyone else.

    Congrats on finding the right size and fit and good luck in the hunt for more!! Catherine

  19. Thanks for the laugh! Who hasn't been in the dressing room, cringing at the view of oneself in ill-fitting whatevers. I swear that the next time I find something that is an ideal fit I'll buy at least two!

  20. I was going to say exactly what BJHBHBB said! I couldn't tell you what "regular" price tags look like, but you throw a clearance tag at me and I can name it!

    What a fabulous find...IN THE BACK OF YOUR CLOSET!

    Think I'll have to go out and try on a pair of these IDEAL FIT Dockers...