Friday, June 18, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

First, welcome to all my new followers who found me thanks to Sarah's post yesterday at Clover Lane.  Pleased to meet you.  Come on in, pull up a chair, pour a tall diet Pepsi, and let's chat.  Thanks, Sarah.  I'm . . . . don't know if I should be flattered that I made you cry like a newborn baby.  Oh, babies.  Oh, no more Tucker.  Oh, tears.
Speaking of Tucker, he's there.
This came tonight from Tucker's cruddy cell phone camera:
Unpacking.  Aside from the cinder block walls, the light and trees are gorgeous.  Wasted on a boy, I would say.

Other news from around these parts:
I got Hyrum and Evie in the bath together on Thursday, and Hyrum looked Eve over and said, "Look, her pee pee hasn't grown in yet."

Yesterday morning we were preparing to say family prayer when Evie started screaming a hurt cry.  This has been happening a little more often lately, since Hyrum really wants to be able to play with her.  We couldn't figure out what it was, but after prayer I noticed two marks on her arm--bite marks. "Hyrum, why did you BITE your baby sister?  Biting hurts!"  His reply?  "I thought she was food."  Nice try, dude, but no.  Head to the corner.

Evie will probably be crawling in a few days.  Now she's in the stage where she pitches forward and catches herself on her sizable forehead.  I hate when they start moving and getting dirty.  Goodbye cute clothes.  Hello head bruises and grimy toes.

Have a great weekend.  We're hitting the pool hard tomorrow!



  1. I'm just 3 short years away from the teenager leaves home thing. The pool sounds like a great escape ;)

  2. You're right. That's a hard stage when they're all bumps and bruises and dirty hands and knees. But all too soon she'll be running around on two feet!

    Can't believe you haven't fallen in love with SYTYCD. Have your tried watching it this season? It's better than it was, so if you get a chance and have the inclination, check it out just once more...


  3. Hyrum made me laugh tonight!! I really needed it :)

  4. I miss cute clothes and toes you can nibble on. But bruises and grimy toes indicate hours of play. That is good too.

  5. Just found your blog (it's a long story!). My last of 6 kids just graduated (same age as yours) so I'm familiar with that scene... You have a very sweet family. Reading your posts brings back wonderful memories. And, yes. It DOES continue to get better. The sweet things get sweeter, and the hard things happen to make you realize that.

  6. Don't go see Toy Story 3 (although it is super wonderful)! It's all about the boy leaving home and his childhood behind -- I cried like a stupid baby.

    And, those dorm rooms always look the same. Go, boy, go!

  7. hah! that hyrum is hilarious.

    my seventeen-month-old nephew stands in the bathtub, fingers his, then pulls it while looking at you with these huge blue eyes, and says, in this quiet, matter-of-fact voice, "ow." he kind of looks owlish then. all serious and curious. two seconds later, he's tugging again.

  8. ok, so i'm leaving for another camp in like an hour, but i HAD to hop on here and see how you were doing.
    man, difficult to argue with hard evidence that your boy's so grown-up now. oy vey! i'm pretty sure when we get there with my daisy that i'll start having heart palpitations.
    as for hyrum. not that it's ok or funny how he's treating evie....but yeah, gotta say the bathtub IS hee-larry-ous!!! =)
    and, "i thought she was food." haaa ha ha, ho ho ho. he DOES think quick on his feet, no? have a great week. catch ya on the flip side! :)

  9. I don't love the crawling stage either, then I see just how dirty my floors really are. And your Hyrum is a crack up- thought she was food- class clown is what that is.

    Tell your Tucker that he needs to try the earnestly chocolate ice cream at the creamery. He'll thank you later

  10. "Evie is friend, not food!!"

    Love those kids!

  11. Hi Jen...Just thought of you a lot!
    Took the family to see Toy Story 3! not go see this without a HUGE box of Kleenex!!!
    Enjoy the day

  12. Sorry I've slacked in my commenting lately. Just know I got all caught up. I'm not good with the commenting these days. Since J went back to Iraq, I can barely even read blogs without feeling totally panicked and consumed with everyone's emotions. I was freaking out because Tucker left you. So, can you please forgive me? I'll be back soon...I hope! :) Love ya.

  13. First of all.....
    I was NOT crying. I even said I KNEW it was silly to be bugged by. I made SURE that was clear.

    Secondly, I know it's not a competition, I just like to keep saying it is.

    Thirdly, Cjane was a one time thing. Albeit awesome. Totally onetime random.

    And YES, you most definitely, ARE winning.

    Oh, AND, you're totally a brat! That's why I love you so!

  14. I have lived the biting, pee pee thing.....these are the things that make great family stories later! Melinda

  15. The great thing about you is that you have kids at all stages. So if you're not enjoying one stage at the moment, you have others to amuse you. I hope you know that dorm room won't look that good for long. And what IS it about boys and their "pee-pees?" *sigh* And they never get over it either.

  16. Oh, Heritage Halls and those cinderblock walls. Doesn't it take you back?

  17. I've been away for a few days, so have just come by to catch up - lovely fathers' day post. Your big boy must be so excited to be off to university - and you must miss him so.........but then, that's as it should be.

  18. "I thought she was food." I love it. That's a creative kiddo. :)

  19. Wasted on a boy? WASTED on a boy? Jenny...I might be offended. Not all of us are unappreciative of beautiful light and a lovely view. And some of us might even find a way of using the cinder block wall to our advantage..... That's all I'm saying. :-)