Friday, June 11, 2010

This and That and the Other Thing

Just a little follow-up on the weekly posts on the ole blog:

I didn't bottle just whole peaches, Mom, because the peaches aren't free stone. Is that enough of a reason? They were easy to peel, without blanching, but the pits WOULD NOT COME OUT. So we squished them and then threw away the rest attached to the pit. Still haven't entered the giveaway? Today's your last chance.

And what kept me busy today? Beets. This is probably a vegetable that most of you avoid. We at the Sanatorium really enjoy ourselves a big plate of beets. Brad's been known to even eat a bowlful for breakfast. My friend's kids say they taste like dirt. Like sweet dirt. And straight from the garden there is nothing better. Really. Today I cut and bagged 21 quarts of beets to freeze. Now that's a lot of beets. If ya want some, just ask. We're willing to share. (And willing to bet no one takes us up on that.) Just a warning: If you eat beets your pee and your poo both turn a little bit red. Just sayin'.

And I decided to be the fun, playful, young mom in my mind Wednesday morning. Tucker got a collector's lightsaber (Darth Maul, rare, and it attaches to his existing one for a double blade) and the boys were all having a saber fight. So I joined in. Let's just say that I'm old. And I tweaked my back, and now I can't stand. Note to self: no more spin moves with the saber. Stick to straight-out jabs.

And you NEED to read the comments on Thursday's post. Lyndsay commented. She was very sweet--you can read her blog here. And now I know that I should have said something. Lesson learned. Hope you all learned it too!


  1. Oh we absolutely love beets too. I think half the fun for the kids is the pink pee : ) Straight out jabbing is definitely more age appropriate, hope the back feels better soon. Enjoy your peaches. Still very impressive.

  2. We love beets over here! We had some in our fall garden and were so sad when they were gone. Brad's are probably tastier than mine were though. I'm a definite novice in the garden. And I still can't believe how many peaches you canned. You are amazing.

  3. I am a beet fanatic, but no one else in my house likes them. That's okay. I just get some and cook 'em up for myself!


  4. I would like some beets ... (you said just ask)!

  5. For the record, it was WEDNESDAYS blog that she commented on. Just sayin.

    Good for you for trying to be playful, bad for hurting yourself.

    Beets....I just CANT do them.

    Lily....hysterical little ham turned it on tonight.

    Tucker, so cute and dapper and dressed up for the KIDS SHOW! Can't believe he's leaving so soon. I told him I'm coming over some time next week to see him before he leaves. Are you driving him up?

  6. my mother is a fan of beets...she used to head over to chuck e cheese's salad bar on her lunch break for a plate of them! sadly i've never had them...and i'm acting like my kids when i say i hate them....BUT YOU'VE NEVER TRIED THEM...haha

  7. mmmmmm we love beets here too. The Great Dane likes them hot, with butter and salt. I love them pickled. I'm not sure if he planted beets - I'll have to check!
    Take care of your back - no more fancy sabre moves!
    Your children have the most marvelous eyes.

  8. To answer Allyson's comment, it was the post I wrote for Alphabe-Thursday, but it is posted on Wednesday. Just sayin'.

  9. Way to can, girl! We have a whole row of beets in our garden and this year it appears that every one is coming up. Maybe they will be ripe by the time you come up.

    I totally understand about the clingstone peaches. We did a couple of bushels of them a couple of years ago, but because of your Dad's love of canned peaches, we DID bottle them. It ends up taking nearly four times as long to do them. It's worse than pears. Question: Why plant a clingstone tree? Do the others not grow in AZ?

    Maybe you should do warm-ups before you play with the boys.


  10. I forgot to mention: ICE.

    Ice and bad backs are a marriage made in heaven.


    PS. Hope yours improves soon!

  11. Hahahahaha! You tweaked your back in a light saber fight? That is AWESOME! What a great story for your kids. "What happened to your mom?" "Oh, she just took a rough spin during her saber attack." BAHAHAHA! You're awesome. Beets...I am impressed that your family likes them; I echo the dirt sentiment.

  12. You are a super-woman! She cans, she freezes, she attacks with light sabres ... whoops she has to drop out of that last one!

    Hope your back heals quickly!

  13. No light saber induced bad backs in this house of girls...but I have thrown mine out practicing gymnastics...does that count??:)
    No beets in this house either other then on my hubby's plate...he loves them!
    Enjoy the night

  14. Yeah...beets. Not so much. My mother is allergic to them, so I was always grateful we never had to have them.
    I hope your back is OK! Sue is right - ice is the thing! Feel better!

  15. that lyndsay? cool. she does neat work. :]

    beets? quadruple yuck. you can have my share.

  16. Love pickled beets over here! That's the only way I like them!
    Evie is just too cute!
    Happy weekend!
    They had the melon "Life is Good". YAY!

  17. Forgot to tell you: while at the distribution center yesterday a cute mom came in with twins - boy and girl. They looked amazingly like Evie. I had to look twice to be sure it wasn't you or a close relative, then I remembered you don't have twins. They were so cute and had those amazing eyes.

  18. We tried your beets last year, and will take some anytime. We can't seem to grow much of anything here. Why doesn't my husband want to be a gardener? Totally jealous of your harvest but not the work involved to preserve everything. The peach jam is delicious!!