Thursday, June 10, 2010

Foto Friday--Water, Water Everywhere

I don't know if it was official or not, but the thermometer in my suburban officially marked 110 this week.  For reals, folks.

Swimming is the only way to survive AZ summer. See?
This was Evie's first time in her little pool, and no one could leave her alone in there.  My kids turn brown overnight in the summer.  But I have a feeling little Miss Eve might need sunscreen and a hat in her future.
Lily has had little time for the pool, but when she's home, she's wet.

And Micah? He's ready to learn strokes. I hope he learns to float. He's so skinny he can barely keep the suit up, so there's not a lot of fat to keep him above the water.

Hyrum was excited for swimming lessons, until he realized that he had to put his whole head under the water.
Then he fought just a wee bit.  I was bloodied from his head hitting my lip during a jumping rage.

Isn't this picture hilarious?  This was the entire class for two days.  Poor Jodie.  But that's how it is with most three-year-olds.  Then, all of a sudden, they turn into this:

It may seem kind of cruel, but swimming in AZ is a life skill--a necessity.  I didn't learn to swim until I was twelve.  I bet this little bugger is going off our diving board alone by the end of summer.

Hope you're all enjoying your warm weather.  We try to survive ours!



  1. Super fun! It's the same here in Bakersfield, CA, although we haven't hit the century mark yet, it is only a matter of time. We usually have at least three solid weeks over 105, and most of the summer is in the 100's. Whew! Thank you Lord for swimming pools and sprinklers!

  2. I remember my entire summers WERE spent in the pool. Either at swimteam or in our pool at home. It really was the WAY to go. So, how come I HATE swimming so much now? Like, just don't enjoy being in the pool? Wierd. LOVE the pic of everyone in Evies little pool. So cute.

  3. That's how our swim lessons were here in California. You had to learn when you were three, period. And our teacher was hilarious. They'd be crying and she'd smile away and dunk them again...telling them to "keep their windows (eyes) open." When they'd cry that they hated it, she'd say, "That's okay. You don't have to like it" in this warm, nurturing voice that totally left them disarmed as she dunked them gently but firmly again.

    She was the best teacher ever and had my kids swimming in no time flat, even the scaredy-cats.


  4. We are signed up for a few weeks of swimming lessons too. I am guessing the humidity is rather low in AZ right?? Hey...110 is still H O T but it's the humidity that gets me!
    Evie looks so fair compared to your other cuties. Yeah...I can see loads of sunscreen in your future!
    Enjoy the day

  5. Will..almost 8...REFUSES swimming lessons. But..we have to do it somehow this summer. It's getting ridiculous. Our friends down the street have a pool and he won't be able to go if he can't swim! It's easier to not know how to swim here I can get away with not swimming in the ocean..jumping waves etc. not in a pool though! Love the pictures! And Griffy will not wear a hat! uugh...

  6. Have I ever mentioned that you have the cutest kids? They are seriously just too adorable :)

    You can actually sign your kids up for swimming as early as 4 months here in Japan. Of course, they only allow that if it's a private pool at a hotel or at the gym. Public pools don't allow babies into the pool until they are potty trained and out of diapers.

    E and I signed up for swimming a few weeks ago at the closest gym that offered it. She was a little bit scared at first, but she's starting to like it more now. I tell her it's like bath time and she gets all excited. Some of the other kids in her class are still completely terrified of water and would cry the entire time we were there. I'm just glad that E has warmed up to the idea of being at the pool. :)

  7. You have the most remarkably clear photographs...what is your camera, lens? Very nice...peace

  8. These photos of yours always make me smile. The previous commenter was right - your shots are really good.
    I don't know how I'd do in such heat. The quick trip to Las Vegas gave me a taste, but I don't know about living every day, shopping, keeping house etc when it's so hot. The pool would be my second home too!

  9. You are so so right--when we lived in Phx., our summer schedule was such:
    Housework done by 9am,
    in the pool until lunch,
    outta the pool 'til 1,
    in the pool until dinner,
    in the pool until 7 (the kids' bedtimes).

  10. Yes, GREAT pictures...tell us more! What kind of camera do you have? Did you take a photography class? I wish I could take a one/two day class...but not sure where to even look for that?!

  11. Ahhh... pools and swim lessons. I agree that it is an absolute necessity. We have had a few participate in swim team and dive team, but the last couple of summers, we just do it ourselves. T was "water-proof" last summer and has almost remembered all his skills, again. It is so fun to get them all in the water. They just soak up the vit D (which improves mood, right?) but it is a job to keep our fair skinned ones slathered with sunscreen. Hooray for the spray on kind!

  12. so far 2 of my 4 (oldest and youngest) have loved water....
    i love swimming...
    sorry about the bloody lip...i can soooo sympathize!

  13. Knowing how to swim is a MUST here in CA too. Luckily my kids all took to it pretty well. And now my daughter has taught her little ones to swim (well the baby is not trustworthy yet) because in Puerto Rico its like AZ with HUMIDITY. She was trying to frost birthday cupcakes yesterday and the frosting would melt before she could finish even one!
    She'll be based in AZ by the end of summer. There are such fun water parks there. I'm looking forward to visting a lot. It's like around the corner compared to PR!

  14. 110 already? I think we topped off this week in the low 90s. I love the water pictures, and have been taking a million of them of the kids!

  15. I love the one with all the big kids in the baby pool. . .what is it about big kids and baby toys??

    Happy times in the almost 3 year old class!!

  16. Looks like fun. Did you know that today has been around 50 degrees and rainy and windy all day here in Utah? We need some of your heat!

  17. Oh yes. Learning to swim is a MUST in AZ. It is always so amazed at what a good teacher can do at such a young age. Love the crying picture...obviously he wasn't the only one hating it! Good luck!