Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Is That Elusive X Factor?

Making our Family Home Evening treat on Monday--homemade pretzels.  Find the recipe here.  It was great! And so easy.

We complete five weeks of summer today.  Thirty-five days of no school, activities galore, swimming and more swimming, fun, work, rest, play.
And of those thirty-five days, I can honestly say that one of them has been perfect.
I took the four little kids to the Arizona Science Center last Thursday.  Forgot the camera--how could I do such a thing?
I brought the double stroller, plenty of snacks, and an attitude that "This will not turn out the way I planned, just like every other day this summer."  I have never been so happily wrong in my entire life.  My kids played and laughed and watched and learned together.  Hyrum and Micah hugged each other and hid in mock fear from the "hurricane."  Lily helped me and never had a sour attitude.  Evie only ate once, then she was great the rest of the time.
No one cried when it was time to leave, and since it was lunch time, I WANTED to take them to McDonald's for lunch.  No one cried when there were pickles on the bun--they just removed them.  No one cried when it was time for quiet time.  Micah and Hyrum both actually slept, and Lily played at a friend's.  Friends came over for the afternoon, and everyone got along swimmingly in the pool and in the basement.
Ben worked on homework and attended school, just like always, but he willingly babysat the kids while Brad and I had our anniversary date. No one called the cell phone complaining of child labor violations.  Everyone got a bath, clean jammies, clean diapers and full bellies.
We came home to three kids asleep and two kids playing Stratego--all agreed that the night had been "fun."
I went to bed that night saying, "Today was a PERFECT day.  I loved today.  How can I get that again?  What was the formula?  That elusive X factor that made everyone happy all day?"
If you know what it is, please tell me the secret.
If not, I have about 42 days of summer left.  Maybe I'll see one more day like that.  And if I do, I will count myself truly lucky indeed.

My genuine wish for you is one summer day just like this one!

Linking up to Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday X.

Jenny Matlock


  1. God bless that elusive X factor. Well deserved day, dear friend!

  2. Your kids have a head start on the kids up here who just completed the last school day of the year today! They go back the day after Labour Day.
    Those pretzels look like they're going to be good!

  3. Wow! It had to be fun with everyone being happy about everything. I can't wait to see all of you!

  4. I haven't had one of those days yet, there have been moments, but not a whole day...for me, those usually come when we are on vacation. Sounds like a wonderful, warmy kind of day. Joni

  5. You wouldn't even note the perfection of this day without all the blatantly imperfect ones. Aren't both kinds just lovely?

  6. oh jen honey- i sooo hear you!
    and the wonderful thing a mother that one day makes EVERY other moment worthwhile!!
    i can hear your happiness- i hope you are blessed with many more over the rest of your summer- but in saying that the ones that are totally perfect ALL day- are very rare!!
    happy anniv....maybe that was your special gift of thanks!
    melissa x

  7. I love this! You're such a good mommy!

  8. That day does sound perfect! And super fun too. If you do find out the formula, the X will have to share. It sounds like you guys are enjoying your summer.

  9. Isn't it just wonderful when the 'perfect storm' works in the POSITIVE instead of the negative?! Well deserved, no doubt, I'm so happy for you that you got to enjoy the perfect day - and glad that you appreciated every minute ;-)

  10. eXhausting!!!! (but wonderful!) Hope your next 42 are just as perfect!

  11. please please tell me too! I love those days and I am SO trying those pretzels....YUM

  12. Sounds see you can never predict how the day is going to go sometimes....You have a great looking family too!

  13. Wow, you really had the perfect day! Let's hope you get a few more before summer's over :)

  14. Oh I hate when I go somewhere so blog worthy and forget my camera!
    Homemade pretzels....great idea.

  15. That IS a perfect day! Hope it happens again soon ;^) I love reading about the UP and downs of motherhood from real, in the trenches mothers. I hope to glean any wisdom they might have to share...

    What a beautiful family you have!
    Thanks for sharing your "X" post!

  16. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous day! I hope you have many more this summer! (and remember to take your camera...It drives me crazy when I forget mine!)

  17. gotta love those perfect days :D

  18. So glad you are enjoying summer...sometimes you enjoy the moments more when you forget your camera..and pretzels sound yummy!! I can't believe you're five weeks in already! We're barely one!!

  19. It's good that your perfect day showed up on your anniversary!


  20. Happy Anniversary!

    OK. Was it totally insane trying to watch all of them by yourself? I would like to attempt this but I'm afraid! Have you done the SRP thing yet?

    I really loved this X-cellent link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "X".

    My Grands are starting to feel the "too much togetherness" component of summer vacation, too, I think!

    I'm gonna shake things up with them next week.

    And Jen? Have you looked at the library calendar? They have lots more cool things this year AND Bookmans is also doing a lot of free events including crafts!

    And now, since I've totally strayed from acting all teacher-ish on this post I will revert to my persona of Mrs. Matlock.

    This was a wonderful example of X-cellent ingenuity illustrating one of the most difficult letters in the alphabet.

    Thank you for participating.

    Your post was X-stra special.


  21. That looks like a fun FHE treat! I love the picture; it kinda shows everyone's personalities - Lily showing off for the camera, Hyrum and Micah either trying to copy her or wondering what she's doing, Ben making a pretzel, just calmly doing his own thing (in his Toros shirt... CRAZY!), and little Evie just sitting there enjoying life!

    I can't wait to see you guys next week! :)

  22. I suppose it wouldn't mean as much if those days happened as often. . .but it might be nice to try it sometime!

    Glad you enjoyed your day!

  23. Every once in awhile the gods smile. Isn't it great? Oh - and Happy Anniversary!

  24. time flies when ur having fun! not quite 4 weeks of summer here for us...but feels like months..

    as for the pretzel recipe! thanks friend...i've been dying to give those a try and glad i have a recipe that some loves!!

  25. Hats off to you, as to all my friends with large families. You ROCK. I don't know how you do it day after day after day. You are my heroes. (We have two boys, and three precious lives who did not get to stay with us.) Great post, and if you find that X factor, please let me know. I need it this summer as I'm recovering from a LONG illness.

  26. the x-factor is a dang good mom is what! I'm still hoping for one of those days this summer.

  27. Jen , These are the days that make life worth living aren't they!
    That is such a sweet picture of the family making pretzels! Also ~ Thank you for the recipe!

  28. Your day sounds absolutely lovely.
    May you get wild and crazy and have TWO more! ;)

  29. consider yourself blessed that you had the 1 perfect day!!! It must have been just a wonderful experience!

  30. wow....does sound like a perfect day. yeah!
    i am sure you will find many more of the same in the years to come :)

  31. Please let me say congrats!
    And what a rompous and joyful family...Ah the days of youth...
    savor every moment for they pass too soon!

    I too was in the X class...
    Please drop in when you can for my X-Post
    ~Excursion of Xeranthemum~
    on my blog here:

    Isn't Ms Jenny the best?
    So nice to meet you!

  32. I don't remember a perfect day (unless I am gone at a retreat or something) but I have lots of perfect hours and I will take them and hold them close to my heart.
    OH, and if anyone figures the X factor out I am first in line for a dose!

  33. Happy Anniversary! How wonderful for you to have had such a perfect day. You expressed it so beautifully, and I thank you for the lift it put under my feet! Makes me more excited than ever that I will be with my grandkids
    next weekend.

  34. The X factor is your beautiful attitude! I think there will be many more perfect days this summer. :-)

  35. Your perfect day is just one more evidence that God lets us experience random miracles once in a (great) while to give us hope and help us look forward to when it can be a permanent state of being... The challenge is in recognizing that a miracle HAS occurred and not letting it slip by unnoticed.... You are great!