Thursday, July 1, 2010

Foto Friday--This Really Is AZ, Promise

Last weekend, Brad took the four middle kids camping overnight with their cousins.  Prepare for picture overload.  And yes, these really were taken here in AZ.  Not every inch is covered with cactus and rocks--just 85%.

And you're wondering what I did for my 22 hours alone with Evie, aren't you?  I slept for eight of them, which really seemed like a waste of the time, but it felt SOOO good.  And I did a few errands (Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx were especially kind to me!), cleaned out two closets and cupboard, watched a little HGTV.  How could it have been better?  Well, I could have been two nights . . .
Micah got the only injury--hidden glass in the water does not mix with bare feet.

This picture right here was almost enough to make me wish I'd gone. Almost.

Best part about camping in AZ?  Looking for lizards, of course!

Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. That waterfall was GORGEOUS. Where were they camping? Looks like they had a great time.

    You shoulda called me, I would have come over for some chat time. Though it sounds like you enjoyed your alone time greatly.

  2. Oooh! So pretty! Who knew AZ had that!?

  3. jen can i just say i hardly saw the scenery- i actually had to scroll back to the top & start again- as i was just staring at your totally gorgeous kiddos....

    how beautiful are those little brown monkeys out camping!!

    and 8 hours of sleep is never *wasting time* if you are a parent- its a luxury...& a rare one!!

    happy weekend my friend...
    melissa x

  4. Ahhh....8 hours!!!:)
    Cleaning out some closets and HGTV sounds pretty awesome too.
    Enjoy the day

  5. That's a beautiful location! I bet the kids had a blast. Sounds like you had a much deserved wonderful time too. Yay for mommy breaks!

  6. What a beautiful place to go camping...for the dads and kids of course! Looks like your husband is a good picture taker too!

  7. I love the photo of them rolling the log together. Looks like fun!

  8. Time alone. How wonderful.

  9. I had to smile at your list of things accomplished with your time alone - just about perfect!
    The photos are lovely - not what one thinks of at all when imagining AZ. It looks like some kind of Shangri-la

  10. what a pretty spot for an adventure - looks like your kids had a great time! and YOUR 'adventure' sounds like it was great too ... pure bliss in my book!

  11. 8 whole hours?! ahhhh... Oh, the possibilities when you have alone time! That must have been wonderful :) Where in the heck were they camping to have water at this time of year? It looks so amazing.

    ps. We had a slumber party here last night and had a visit with Tucker and friends on skype. It was sweet!

  12. Looks like such fun...!

    But I also remember how much fun it was to get some time to myself and hit such playgrounds as TJ Maxx, etc.

    Glad ALL of you had a good time.


  13. Beautiful! I had no idea Arizona had places with trees like that to camp.
    Glad you got some time for yourself!

  14. What a beautiful camping spot! The waterfall looked sooo inviting!I love how brown all of your kids are - such tan babies.
    And you - you SCORED! Every so often its so nice to have that time to yourself where you can do what you want. Sleep? Check. Shop? Check. Worked out quite nicely!

  15. 8 hours of heaven- that's a waste of time I'll take anytime. Your kids are such little peanuts- and excellent lizard hunters.

  16. What a blast!! And so beautiful!! We gotta go camping soon! Glad that you got a little time off too!

  17. Looking at these pictures, Arizona really reminds me of parts of Queensland where I live. The lizards I can do without but the waterfalls look incredible!

    Glad you had time to yourself to catch up on important things like sleeping and shopping-you deserved it!

    Blessings and best wishes,

  18. The camping trip looked like it was a ton of fun :) Wow, I really can't believe that Arizona has such a nice, lush forest to go camping in! And the waterfall...that is truly amazing!

    Glad to hear that you spent a nice time alone with Evie! That must've been a nice break :)

  19. Your boys areso handsome!

    THank you for stopping in on my blog!!! I'm your newest follower!

    Don't be Shy... Visit sometime!

  20. these photos! Hope your weekend was fun!! And 8 hours of sleep sounds wonderful!!

  21. I have to say I was wishing I could jump down the waterfall too. Plus I am having a hankering for pretzel's right now and I don't know why? Was thinking of you this past Sunday when we put our eldest on the plane. The first of many goodbyes, I know.

  22. We went camping this weekend, too - around Prescott. And it was GORGEOUS! Don't you love being able to escape the heat? (Or, in your case, escape to an air conditioned store??? ) :) Happy Fourth!!!