Friday, November 19, 2010

Foto Friday--Why Am I So Tired Today?

What's behind this door, you ask? Not bathroom stuff, that's for sure.
My two littlest monkeys!  This shot was hard to get.  Try getting two teenies where they both look marginally okay.  That's why I'm not a professional photographer (that and a few other reasons).
It's my blog, and I should be able to brag when I want to, right?  This pic is one of the many reasons I'm not a pro photog.  But it was the best one I got.

Ben was voted the defensive lineman of the year. I'm bustin' a few buttons as I type. He had a great year. The irony? When they showed the highlight reel at the banquet, he wasn't in a single shot. Not his final game-saving tackle, nothing. That's what comes from playing defense. They can't win without you, but they rarely acknowledge your game. That's okay. I knew (and so did you!).

As for me, I'm feeling a bit like this this morning:
Ben and a few friends needed adult supervision for last night's midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I was more than happy to accept that responsibility.  But bed at 3:30 am and kids off to school by 7:30 was a titch exhausting for the mama.
Yes.  I know it was a school night.  Yes. I'm aware he's fourteen.  But seriously.  How many times in your life can you go to a midnight showing in the prime of teendom?  Not that many.  And I'd do it again to make those memories with my boy (and texting Tucker in a theatre in Utah at the same time!).  And the movie?  For Potter fans, it was heaven.  Truly.  I just wish Daniel Radcliffe was a little taller.  That bugs a little.

No rest for the weary.  I'm off to the elementary school BBQ.  Time to find my awesome boots.  You remember these babies, don't you?
We're off to eat yuckier than normal cafeteria food and spend time with Lily and Micah. Maybe the boots will help me not feel so tired.

And if you doubt the power of the boots, then you need to head over to Sloan's blog today. She agrees with me.

Naptime?  12:30.  Don't call me then.


  1. Those two "teenies" of yours look far more than marginally okay. As Heather would say, "That is a GREAT capture!"

    Congrats to Ben. Playing defense can be a thankless job, so I'm glad he got some recognition (even without the film exposure).

    I think the Harry Potter thing sounds well worth the lack of sleep...And I love that you included Tucker by text!



  2. My kids are wasted today too, but I'm sure they think it well worth it. I agree that a little midnight parental indulgence is worth it.

  3. ugh my son can sooo not read this post. he too is 14 and also was begging me to take him to the midnight premiere...but i tell ya...lily is the worst sleeper and i couldnt imagine running on a few hrs of sleep! (besides she wakes up around 2ish and cries in her sleep...she needs to find my hair to twirl it...annoying...i'm sure one day i'll think it is sweet...remind me i said that)

  4. Great job Ben! Those two are adorable...and admittedly I'm having one of those days too. :) We didn't go last night...didn't even dawn on me until an hour ago. I did kidnap my son last Summer, and met his best friend and his mom for the midnight showing. It was such fun, and we'll never forget it. He was so surprised!

  5. My grandson plays defense and he is awesome too! The team needs defense!! I am with you on taking the kids to see Harry Potter. I would too! So give yourself a pat on the back.That awesome memory was brought to by mom!~Ames

  6. What are you talking about?? I think you're a great photographer! Seriously. And I love the big pictures...feels like I am right there watching little Hyrum and Evie hiding in the cupboard. But what I'm wondering, is, how is it that you have empty cupboards?

  7. You're the FUN Mommy, the boots alone say that. But then add in midnight Harry Potter, and well, you rock the house!!

    Congrats to Ben, that's awesome. No mention of it when I saw you. I coulda given him a candy, or at least a high five.

    And finally, I think the pic of Rum and Evie looks great. Stop saying you're not a good photographer, 'cause you ARE!

  8. HAHAHAHAHA - I love it!! Indeed, those boots are powerful enough to transport you from tears of exhaustion to adrenaline-fueled joy!

    btw, you're a hero for going to that midnight showing with your son and his crew - you may not feel it yet, but you ARE ...

  9. You are a great mum - the photo, the boots.....but especially the movie. It's something I could never bring myself to do, so The Great Dane is the one that the kids, now adults, call. He and our daughter went this afternoon - they're both at the stage where they love to honour a tradition, but not in the middle of the night!

  10. Ok, you and Sloan are making us all jealous today. Never thought I'd (kind of) want cowboy boots! But I have to admit...those are pretty stylin'. LOVE the picture of your little monkeys! This must be take pictures of your kids in cupboards today in blogland! Cindy had a picture of her daughter in her cupboard too! Thanks for filling in the rest of us...nevermind...I don't think my 7yr would fit or look as cute in a cupboard!
    Congrats to Ben...that's an AWESOME achievement and award!
    And lastly, I think you may just get that Mom of the Year award for taking the boys to see the premier of Harry Potter. You are way cool!

  11. I've always believed that making memories is a lot more important than sleep sometimes. This will be a memory you talk about for a long time. I know you're tired, but seriously - those boots are AWESOME. Don't you just walk a little taller and feel skinnier in them? I know I would.
    Congrats to Ben. I know those woes. My oldest played football - center. He hiked the ball to the quarterback and made holes for the quarterback, but he rarely got his name in lights. But I'm sure Ben knows: they couldn't do it without him.

  12. That really is love. Haha. Maybe when my kids get older I will make the sacrifice. But right now, I like my warm bed. Heehee.
    Congrats to your son.
    Oh and we had the Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. Let's just say I'm thankful I don't eat there everyday.

  13. That is so cute of you teenies. Mine love the cupboards, too, but in the laundry room :) That midnight movies is a killer, isn't it?! So fun and so exhausting!

    PS R saw the boots at the meeting on Sat night. He loved them, too!

  14. the boots!

    I allowed my nearly 16 year old to go with her friends for the premier. She had the best time! You are so correct about the memories being made. I am so looking forward to seeing the movie myself!

    And a hearty congratulations to your son! I can feel the warmth of your pride all the way over here! That is a spectacular honor. I do believe I'm a bit proud of him as well.

    Catch up on your rest and have a splendid holiday!

  15. I hope you got that nap~

  16. Such cute littles, if I do say so myself- great shot. And not only is Ben such a lucky kid to have you for a mom to take them to see Harry Potter, but also to get those shots the 'sports photogs' missed.
    Happy napping

  17. Oh that shot of your kids inside that cabinet is just priceless! Pretty soon they'll be too big to fit under those so any shot of them inside is worth a million bucks, professional or not :)

    I think that midnight screening of Harry Potter is totally worth being tired. I hope the boots worked magic on you!

  18. I wouldn't let Logan go to the midnight premier - wrestling at 5am and then wrestle offs on sat morning - I don't think so! So instead I took him out of school on Friday Morning and we saw it all for 5 bucks a piece!

    LOVED IT!!!