Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Wednesday Looks Like at My House--I Spy Version

Since I started teaching, this is what my desk looks like every Wednesday:
I spy, with my little eye . . .
six coloring pencils
2 .5-lead mechanical pencils
2 fine pilot pens (one blue, one black)
6 different sizes of sticky notes
32-oz. of what?  DP, of course
Remnants from lunch and two snacks
4 handouts
3 copies of an outline
2 manuals
one bridal shower invitation

Whew.  I'm glad next Thursday is Thanksgiving. No class for me.
And I'm glad I only teach once a week. I'd never survive it otherwise.

Brought to you by the letter I at Alphabe-Thursday.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Being Canadian I have to say I am very relieved to have Thanksgiving over so that I can enjoy preparing for Christmas. Our first real snowfall today and the Christmas lights are up. You can let Tucker know I thought his first blog post was great, but i was too shy to leave a message. I too may have to read surreptitiously : )
    Good luck this week.

  2. I don't even teach, and you should see my desk!! Yours is beautiful in comparison!

  3. I thought this was really cute. I admit I am completely looking forward to Thanksgiving break also.


  4. that's my desk, just add piles of dvds, books, food cartons, & more books!

  5. That looks similar to my desk only I believe my papers are piled a little higher than yours. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. You don't even want to see my desk. It's grand central!~Ames

  7. Looks like a productive desk to me. I've resolved to clean up the clutter on mine.

  8. I'm impressed! How do you do that with all of your kids? I can't even seem to think straight with all of mine! Kudos!

  9. Oh, but I hear such great things come from you and this studying! Enjoy the week off :)

  10. well you are pretty great at it!!! I am sorry I will miss your class tomorrow. I always am when I do. I will be calling you :) Been working and working and tending the twins n the baby n n n n n ..... :)

  11. I too, am grateful next week is Thanksgiving. I've missed reading your blog; thank heaven the life can resume now that the marathon is over.

    (I'll blog on that whole experience as soon as I download pictures. In the interim I want you to know; I prayed for you, specifically by name, at mile 24. Long story, but you helped me during the race. Thanks a gazillion!)


  12. As soon as I saw that picture my eyes went straight to those sticky notes!
    I HEART sticky notes!!!
    Enjoy the day,

  13. At least your desk is untidy for a worthwhile reason, actually not untidy busy. Mine is a mess as I am to preoccupied to tidy think I will quit reading Alphabet Thursday and tidy

  14. Wow, if that's what a messy desk looks like in your home, mine must be like a landfill :) That is the most organized mess I've seen in a while. I must strive to be as messy as you. Maybe then I'll be able to find things again :)

  15. you are playful,
    beautiful lists of spying items.
    way to go.

  16. My table looks just like that now. Joanthan has a Social Studies project due tomoorrow.
    It really is the look of creativity and preparation.

  17. Wow, you do have quite a little Eye Spy going on there.
    However, on Thanksgiving you'll have more stuff on the counters, only it will look and taste really good.

  18. Thanks for the little creative glimpse....

    Nice to know I'm not the only one with a messy desk...

  19. The Transforming Power of Faith and Character! Your desk DOES say it all.

    (btw, I WILL get a pixie cut when this perm grows out. It would not be cute to have curly ends on short hair. ya know?)

  20. the pregnant eye in me caught the drink first...thanks i'm craving a dr pepper! :o)

  21. What a great idea! I had fun searching.

  22. I can only dream to know, but you must be the coolest and most organized institute teacher. With your different sized sticky notes and blue/black pens. I love it!

  23. Cute post reminiscent of the 12 days of Christmas:) What do you teach?

  24. That is quite a collection! What do you teach?

  25. Hahaha! My desk looks like that every day! Once a week or so I go through and shovel out, but it's a continuous round of papers and notes I collect all week. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy desk. Do you think life will slow down soon for us? Probably not, huh...

  26. For such a list of items, you desk still looks much more organized than mine.

  27. ...and a partridge in a a pearrrrr treeeee!!!!!

    Wow. You are really organized for someone with so much on her platter!

    I'm glad you get next week off...and impressed to see how you share your imagination and abilities with your students!

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "I".

    I really enjoyed my stop here today.


  28. i loved this share AND
    what a beautiful family photo :)
    i'm your newest follower