Friday, December 17, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza--Part 2

I've really enjoyed this challenge--summarizing each quarter of our year.  I look back at the titles of posts and can't remember what was coursing through my brain until I pull up the post.  Then I laugh or cry or wonder why I ever wrote such a thing!  Linking up with Emmy, Lourie, Emily, Mimi, and the rest.

April-June. I can't think of three more eventful months in my entire lifetime.

One of my favorite posts of all time--My Masterpiece--all about mothering.
And of course, the wedding.
And Prom.
And admitting my greatest fear.

April left me exhausted and mentally drained.

In May, I wrote a series of posts on four of my favorite mothers: Grandma Olsen, Grandma Tucker, Mom, and my bestie, Karen.
I hosted my first linky party--all about our individual strengths and flaws as mothers. I loved what I learned from that--what some of you thought about yourselves as mothers. Thanks for linking up, then and always.
May left me cheered by great examples in my life, ready to face the next big challenge.

June--the second huge challenge.
Tucker graduated--I made his memory quilt, and sent him off to Utah to start college.
June left me empty and a little sad--and off sugar for the entire month--me and my sugar monkey fighting again!

One of the best things about life is that we move on, adapt to new circumstances, and find a new normal.
That's where I am now--new normal.  Mom to two grown kids, and almost a grandma.

After these three months, the rest of summer would be a piece of cake, right?
See you next week!



  1. What a wonderful year you've had, Jen. It's fun to relive it with you a little today.


  2. I'm sorry I have been so quiet, I am here reading away. Enjoying your wonderful voice in the blogosphere. It has been hectic with kids and Christmas school activities. I cannot believe your children are dropping off cookies in shorts? I hope to have time to read some of the older posts that happened before I found your blog. Good luck with the dinner party. You are a brave woman!

  3. Jen, I've just read all those posts I missed last year before I started reading blogs. They are WONDERFUL! The "Masterpiece" made me cry, and "Your Biggest Fear" I can totally relate to, but now at 40 I think I finally let that one go. Crazy that it took so long!! What a great and exciting year. Can't wait to read more.

  4. You've had quite a year! Funny how some years are so eventful and others hardly anything happens. We need to learn to rest up those years. The other shoe is about to drop!

  5. You have a great blog
    I've enjoyed it all
    The ups and downs
    The goods the bads
    And you have a beautiful family!

  6. I had every intention of linking up last week and it slipped by me with a half written post. Now it's already time for this weeks. There's no way I'm going to make it! It's just been too busy! I love looking at all your past posts though, your daughter's wedding was gorgeous was my color as well and loved it!

  7. it always seems each month brings on new challenges! huh?!! i think i started reading ur blog around the wedding month! happy times!

  8. Just getting to know you through a few past posts but wish I knew you better. I am intrigued by all that I seem like a fascinating person that I would love to know. I have tried reading back to get your "history"...your family story etc. but haven't been able to do that. Just from this post though it looks like you've had a great and interesting year. I love your photography...a joy of mine as well.
    Will enjoy getting to know you better this year perhaps...have a blessed Christmas!!!

  9. I cannot say enough about your post. It is the best by far! I hope you get emails on old posts bc I left comments on a few that you linked us back to. I admire you as a mother. It inspires me to carry on. Thank you is not enough today:).

  10. Such a wonderful post! I have been going back and reading some of your old posts.. your masterpiece is beautiful. I am at the other end of the spectrum with my masterpieces, but man that made me realize it will go too fast.

    Thank you again for playing along.

  11. Oh and that picture of the baby.. breathtaking!

  12. First of all, I love looking at your pictures. You are an amazing photographer. Second, what a blessed year you guys have had! May 2011 be filld with blessings too!

  13. I cant even fathom the idea of my girls being grown!

  14. I love these reflections you're doing, jen - I went back to read all of the links you posted, what a year you've had!! I might have been pushed a bit further than just "emotionally drained", though, I'm not nearly as strong as you!

  15. Prom :) can I just go back and relive that night again and again? and thanks for all the work you put into that too while in the middle of everything else...

  16. You are one of those people who I think doesn't sleep. I have another friend like that - I kid her about being a robot. She's amazing. So are you!