Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Traditions, Part 4--Christmas Eve

Five more days until Christmas! Are you ready?

I saved my favorite parts of Christmas for the last link post--Christmas Eve.

I've made Christmas pajamas for my monkeys every year since Tucker was born--that's a lot of flannel, Friends. It's no longer a surprise to the kids, but it's a tradition they count on. Tucker even texted me this last week, saying all he wanted for Christmas was a pair of flannel pajamas.

The tradition developed a little spin a few years ago.  I started wrapping each kid's presents all in one paper and placing them under the tree unlabeled.  That way, every kid guesses what's in every package because no one knows which present belongs to which kid. 

On Christmas Eve, I wrap their pjs and place the stack of presents in the family room.  After a few days' deliberation, they've all decided which paper they think is theirs, so they pass the pj/presents around until they think they're each holding their package.  I tell them they're wrong (they're inevitably wrong!), and they pass them around again.  I let this go on for a few rounds, then I tell them which present is theirs and they unwrap their pajamas.  There are a few last-minute guesses about what is in the unlabeled but now identifiable boxes, then they're all off to bed.

All my kids sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve.  They set up the projector and computer and watch Christmas movies.  It always starts with our all-time favorite, "Elf."  They drop off to sleep, one by one, and at 6:30 Christmas morning, they all run into our room, ready for the excitement to continue.

I can't wait to read your traditions.  Link up here.

And in case you didn't see Heidi's blog, she's having a GIRL!  We're so excited, and I can't wait for Evie to have a best buddy/niece who can wear all Evie's outgrown clothes!

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  1. We have many favorite traditions that I've posted about over the years but one of my top 3 is that ever since my kiddos were knee high to a grasshopper, when they wake on Christmas morning, they all stand in the hallway together and sing Christmas carols to wake Kurke and I up for the morning festivities. I am loving that they still do it even though several are grown and married now. Those sweet voices on Christmas morning are heaven!

    I love that your kids all sleep in the same room Christmas Eve - very sweet!

  2. Growing up, we all slept in the same room too - I love this tradition!

  3. I love the way you wrap presents! What a cool idea. I'm headed to JoAnns today for material for jammie pants for Jeffrey and Jason, but what do I do for Anne? What did you make for your kids when they were babies for Christmas jammies? I tried to look at Eve in the picture, did you just have a pattern for baby pj's? Thanks for sharing your fun traditions.

  4. I love Elf.

    I love smiling, it's my favorite.

  5. Yay a girl! How lucky for Heidi to get all of her sister's cute things!
    What a fun pajama tradition you have! And all of them sleeping together and watching movies...they are one lucky group!

  6. That's fun that they all sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve! I like it.

    My friend had your same idea of wrapping each child's presents in different paper so labels weren't necessary. Pretty neat.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Jen. I know you will!


    PS. And hurray for a little granddaughter!!! =D

  7. I love reading everyone's traditions. We're trying hard to establish some of our own this year (prior to this we just followed our PARENT'S traditions). I think Elf will find it's way into our traditions somewhere - it's a definite favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You are AMAZING!!! I want to come just watch you for a day! You must be super at time management or organization or ...lack of sleep!! The jams are wonderful and I'm sure they all love them!!!

  9. first of all I'm in awe that you MAKE those jammies! what?? And a girl!! oh joy!! so happy for you all..xoxo

  10. Alas, I buy the Christmas jammies, way to be the coolest mom/ domestic diva ever!

  11. Sounds like so much fun! Kenzie wants to follow your tradition and sleep in the basement together. I just might do it if it means they take care of the baby!
    PS say Ben at the Dance last Saturday what a cutie!

  12. i LOVE all of those traditions! makes me sad that mini-me doesn't have siblings so i can mess with all their heads with different wrapping papers! drat. would've been WONDERFUL!!! :)

    instead of PJ's, mini gets a new Christmas dress/skirt ensemble. (i mean she gets pjs from other family members, but she knows she can count on a new outfit for Sunday.)

    Christmas eve we spend with mini-me's dad's extended family. it's what we look forward to each year. his family goes to their church's candle service, and then everybody rolls into great-grandma's around 8pm, and the huge party ensues!!! both mr LKP & i sorta dread our own families' shindigs cause they're usually riddled with drama or hurt feelings or MASSIVE eye rolling. so we practically count the minutes down to when we can say, "oh look at the time, gotta get her over to her dad's party. can't be late!" (terrible i know.)
    merry Christmas if i don't get to wish it to you later this week. hope it's the great, my friend. and congrats on the grand-daughter to come! ::hugs::

  13. Christmas Eve is my favorite as well. That is so great how all of the children sleep in the same room with the projector!
    Have a pretty day!

  14. I am always amazed at the wonderful ideas you have. This is my favorite of all time. Genius! This makes me want to have enough kids to do this with.

    You're my hero!

  15. Hi Jen Sweetie...
    Oh I have so enjoyed this post. What a precious memory for the kids. Flannels are always the best, and the fact that you make them, that is even more special. I love the way the guess which paper is theirs and they keep passing until they get it right. Love, love, love it. I may have to try that with the grands. I think they would get a kick out of it.

    I am Country Wings in Phoenix. Donna @ Starkey Hollow introduced me to your blog. I love it, and was so tickled to see that you too live somewhere here in the valley. What a small world.

    I signed up to follow sweet friend. I am your number 200 - yea... I hope you will stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit, and would be honored to have you follow as well.

    May God richly bless you and your family this beautiful CHRISTmas season. Many hugs sweetie...Sherry

  16. I am sorry I can't link up as I am way behind on my Christmas preparations and haven't had time to post anything substantial lately. I loved hearing about your Christmas Eve tradition. You are such a beautiful and close family. Well done to you and your husband!

    Blessings and best wishes to you and your family this Christmas, Jen. I hope you all enjoy the peace, joy and happiness that this Holy season brings.

    Christmas Cheers,

  17. I just finished my pj pants (thanks to lots of help from my wonderful mom!) Woohoo! I made jammie pants for Anne and they seem to work. I'll post pictures. I hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy having all your kiddos home!