Friday, December 3, 2010

Foto Friday--BDP (Before Digital Photography)

I apologize for two things: 1-photo of a photo: the scanner isn't working and I'm a little bit dumb. 2-my horrific scrapbooking skills. Love me the way I am.
Twenty years ago today, my whole world changed. 

December 3, 1990--the day I became a mom. 

Heidi was born under extremely scary circumstances.  So scary, in fact, that a nurse told Brad that if my mom had had the same complication with me, then I would have died at birth.  And it my grandma had had that same complication, my grandma would have died in childbirth, along with her baby.

We were so young.  So naive.  Nothing scary or bad had ever happened in our young lives.  I was 21, Brad was 23, and we were going to have a baby in February.  She had other ideas.

One day I may recount the full story of her birth, but for today I'll just say this:  After an emergency emergency C-Section, Heidi joined the world at 1 pound 12 ounces, not fat, but definitely sassy.

And ever since, I've always felt that being chosen to mother such a choice daughter is one of the greatest gifts God could have given me.

Once again, today my whole world changes.
December 3, 2010--the first time I spend this birthday without her.

I love you, Sis.  Happy twentieth. See you in eighteen days.

Yes, I'm counting.



  1. 1 lb, 12 oz?! That's a miracle even in today's standards. What an incredible beginning to motherhood. I hope you do tell the whole story someday.

  2. You always get me teary...I was fine until you said it was your first time spending your birthday without her. (I should stop visiting your blog!) There should be a law that families at least need to live in the SAME state as each other! I moved away when I was 18 and have never lived in the same state in my adult life as my family.
    Happy Birthday to Heidi and hugs to you mom!
    BTW, my sister turned 20 yesterday!

  3. Happy birthday Heidi!! And you my friend are a fabulous mother. The world is a better place because of you.

  4. you look the same

    and that is miraculous.

  5. I would NEVER have guessed those 3 bottom pictures were Brad, NEVER. You I'd have known-it's just a 1990 version of you!

    Heidi is such a gift, so glad we've had the chance to know her. She's truly a choice daughter. Happy Birthday to Heidi (and happy thoughts for the the mom too!)

  6. You are surviving right? It can be done right? I'm looking to you for guidance here. In five years, which will be like a blink of an eye I will be here too.
    PS I think we wore the same glasses back in the day.
    You and I... twins.

  7. Wow, what a little December miracle. Hugs to both of you! Having gone through the NICU experience with two of my babies, I have a little glimpse into those scary early days. So glad you get to see your "baby" soon!

  8. what a milestone! wow.
    you & your family are ALL miracles!
    happy 20th year as a mom. :)
    (btw, happy birthday, heidi!)

  9. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  10. Wow Jenny!

    How grateful you must be that your girlie was meant to be here, however scary her entry may have been.

    Happy 20th to both you and Heidi!!


  11. I'm not looking forward to those birthdays when they aren't with me. . .know it is part of life, but still. . .hard!

  12. Wow! I knew she was early, but I had no idea how very early she was. And how tiny.

    What a miracle.


    PS. Happy birthday, Heidi!

    PPS. Skype time.

  13. awww Happy Birthday to Heidi!

  14. Such a scary time! It is quite a story to tell from a lot of different perspectives. I know that having Heidi just as she is, makes it all worth while for you. Grandma never stopped talking about how scared she was for both of you, even just days before she died, she was thinking of it.

  15. That's a story I'd like to hear someday. I know - it's so hard when they're all grown up, isn't it? I used to spend a lot of time in empty rooms, hugging left behind clothes and crying. And then when they do visit its so crazy and hectic that you don't get to spend the time doing the little things you wanted to. Part of life, I guess...

  16. Absolutely amazing how much changes and how quickly. She definitely is a choice daughter of God.

    I love how sweet and simple you can keep things when you post. This was perfect. amazes me how much Ben looks like young Brad.

  17. Best wishes to you and to your beautiful daughter. All our children are precious, but the ones that have to work so hard to get into this world and stay here have a way of touching us in a special way.

  18. wow on both counts ... a wow of awe and amazement that your beautiful 1 lb 12 oz baby made it, what a story! And a wow of sadness and sympathy that you two are apart today ... Happy 20th to your beautiful baby!!

  19. Now I've got tears in my eyes! Happy Birthday to Heidi. What a little miracle.

  20. Happy Birthday to Heidi! It is so amazing to see the beginning of our stories as we look back and then marvel at how far God has brought us! I am so happy to know that He brought you through all of that and has given you such a beautiful family!

  21. Yeah, Tucker was telling people at work how his sister was finally twenty-one, until I saw him at noon and reminded him she was really only twenty. :) Hope she had a great one! Weird...I've known her since she was 11...That's a long time!

  22. Twenty years as a mother sure gives us some major perspective, huh?
    I have scrapbook pages that look just about like yours...Happy celebrating in 18 days!

  23. Awww, happy belated to Heidi! Wow, 1 lb 12 oz is definitely very little. I'm happy to see that things turned out well for you and your family! It's so hard to imagine that this tiny baby is now going to have a baby of her own!

  24. That's amazing- in a scary the pants off you kind of way.

    And Both Tucker and Ben are Brad clones- holy cow, it's uncanny!