Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vent the Spleen, Resume Christmas Cheer

I had to venture out today. I swore I was done. But I have this one nagging gift from Old Navy that refuses to be done.

I have a New York personality. Get in, get your stuff, get out of my way, go home. No offense intended. I just have better things to do.

While I was at the store, two snowbirds (only if you live in AZ or FL does this connote what I really want it to connote) were celebrating their good fortune at what was on sale--while at the checkout. "Does this look better with this? Should I get three or just two? Won't this look great with . . . " Evie has developed lightning speed and a Vulcan grip, so anything enticing she sees, she latches onto and won't let go. She was fussing, Hyrum was begging for a Santa Pez dispenser, and I was trying to keep my patience with the celebratory arm-pumping at surprise prices. It was hard.

Then, she pulls out a credit card. "This is new," she prefaces. Uh-oh. First, they run it as a credit card--declined. Next, they run it as a debit--insufficient funds. At this moment, her friend glances up in my direction, surely seeing my obvious annoyance (I'm so inept at masking it, especially when I don't want to!), and says, "That baby is laughing at you." No, she's laughing at my inability to keep prizes out of her grasp.

To which the customer with the declined card says, "I'm sorry. I have another one here somewhere." Sigh.

Why is it so difficult for some people to check out?

Hand over your crap.
Wait until it's all rung up.
Swipe your card.
Sign the screen.
Grab your receipt.


Sorry. Just had to get that out.
And if you need a laugh today, head over to Tucker's blog. I'm still laughing out loud.


  1. Now that you explained it, I have a New York personality, too!

  2. The worst is when people pay with checks at the store. I'm pretty sure the twentieth century began 10 years ago...

  3. Ok - I'm glad that I'm not the only one (except when I'm the one with coupons at the grocery store...holding up the line). But when it comes to a place like Old Navy that has NO carts and little room for Strollers to trap, I mean, contain you children-FORGET the "taking your time" part of shopping! And snowbirds to boot. BAAAAD situation!

  4. I am a New Yorker. So I have the personality embedded in my DNA. However, I have been trying veryveryvery hard to not sweat the small stuff. In fact, today when I was behind two ladies exactly like you described (seriously!), I just stood there looking at the decorations and crazy people. I definitely would have been less relaxed about it if I had two kids with me. :)

  5. as a floridian, I hear you on the snowbirds loud and clear! And, yes, lack of preparation at the checkout also makes me i.n.s.a.n.e ... i feel your pain!!

  6. Oh I used to live in Mesa, half of the year I refused to shop on Wednesday's as that was the day Snowbirds got 10% off

  7. I feel ya! I hate it when people dilly-dally at the check out, or run back for just one more thing- bah! I have none patience for it.

  8. LOL Hang in there mom, I know how hectic life is at this time of year and with so much to do, it'll all get done and sometimes simple is better. I am a A-type too but over the years I have mellowed...a bit! ;D

  9. The whole shopping thing is always so much worse during the holidays, too, which is why I now do 90% of my Christmas shopping online during the free shipping deals.


    PS. Your son is a crack-up.

  10. Oh I hate being stuck behind people like that too! You know how they have the express lanes? They should totally make one called the "I'm going to take forever" lanes because there are too many people like that out there. Just like you I'm a grab, buy and leave as quickly type of shopper. Especially, when I have E in tow.

  11. zero patience for any nonsense!!! i must be getting old because the mall gives me sensory overload! i try to hit places during the week...whenever possible! and i have zero "shopping friends" because i like to go alone, get it done and get out of there!! lol! i sound like a grinch!

  12. Love it! You sound like me! I live in Florida so I fully get what you are saying... I really wish people would be more prepared when they get to the checkout counter. The other thing that drives me nuts is isle gabbers. You know the ones - they stand with their cart in the middle of the isle talking to someone else whose cart is also in the isle blocking the way and you have to say “excuse me” 2 – 3 times before they acknowledge that you want to get by and then huff at you for interrupting them. *sigh*

    ~ Tracy

  13. As a Floridian and a Southern one at that, I totally get the Snowbirds reference! Thankfully, my work, church, grocery store, etc, it within a 5 mile radius of my house, so I don't venture beyond that much. The Snowbird driving here is THE WORST!

  14. I was simultaneously laughing and getting a little bit angry while reading this. :)