Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Winter Wonderland

Arizona in December:

And these are all out of Brad's rose garden:
This is why I live here.  Happy Wednesday.

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  1. Oh, wow. Those are gorgeous pictures. Where did you get the lantern in the first shot?

    Have a happy WW! Hope you can stop by.


  2. Those are gorgeous photos, you are developing a real talent & eye for photography. Love them!

  3. Beautiful! You have such a great way of captureing pictures.

  4. Lovely - you must live in a beautiful place, indeed....and perhaps that's why it attracts snowbirds!

  5. it looks so beautiful and warm there. can't wait to come home!!

  6. yeah...definitely missing Arizona... 11 days!

  7. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! U always seem to capture the right moment.

  8. Hi,
    I am a new follower from Wordless Wednesday, I would love it if you could follow me back. The photos are beautiful such glourious colours
    Helen x
    I also have a Secret Santa Giveaway running at the moment so please pop over and enter x

  9. I think I love where you live too!

    Happy WW :)

  10. great pictures - so great to find another family of seven! nice to find your blog :)

  11. Wow, I love the colors! Are all those photos from your garden/yard?

  12. Lovely pictures, and it looks so warm and cozy there.

  13. Those are beautiful!!
    I could use some oranges straight from the tree...and roses too for that matter!
    I can feel the sunshine....ahhhh!
    Enjoy the day

  14. I would trade roses over snow anyday!! They are just lovely!

    The oranges remind me of my grandparents. . .they wintered in AZ for many years and would always send us a box of oranges for Christmas. . .miss them!

  15. Love your pics; my FIL is in Tuscon and I wondered what it looked like out there this time of year. We went in late December once and it totally ddn't feel like winter. :)

  16. Hi There!
    I'm a new visitor and new follower. I found you through Wordless Wednesday and I love your photos! I posted a spring pic today as I'm hoping for spring....drop by http://www.sugarbeatsbooks.com and say hi if you get a chance.

  17. Wow, Jen, these photos are amazing! A bit difficult to look at, though - it's below freezing over here ... brrrrr!

  18. What beautiful pictures! Happy Wednesday and Holidays to you!



  19. So beautiful!!! What a gorgeous family you have:)

    Thanks for playing along and for linking up!
    (esp tks for posting my badge,xo)

    Hope your day is blessed:)

  20. Magnificent photos, we have been lucky here in Colorado, so far. These photos are stunning in the way they convey the survival of the fruits and flowers. Beautiul.

    Here is my link, of Silence and Reverence


  21. Beautiful pictures! If only I could somehow mentally teleport myself to Arizona, at least during naptime, so I could escape the utterly freezing cold of Central PA. Enjoy those beautiful roses ... we have dead mums in our front yard, perfectly preserved with the frozen pumpkins that we need to get rid of!

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  23. RE: Cold in Florida. Yes! In the capital, it gets pretty cold from about mid-November until March. In Jan. and Feb. we'll have 10 degree days.

  24. Well...aren't things all rosey in your neck of the woods! Ok, I'm a tad jealous...it's darn cold here!
    Beautiful pictures!

  25. oh my gosh ... those photos are gorgeous ... like gorgeous!!! It does look like a wonderful place to live.

  26. aww yes! This is exactly why I love Arizona. Southern Arizona that is :) Northern Arizona has that yucky cold white stuff! Just a quick note, it is 83 at my house today :)

  27. Now I must go and repent, for I have coveted. Please forgive me? Those oranges are making my tongue tingle right now, and roses in December- you can see where one might just envy a little, right?

  28. I can almost smell those roses!!! beautiful pics!

  29. That's your winter wonderland huh?
    I might have to mail ya some snow.
    It is beautiful!
    I could only dream.

  30. Your family is beautiful..God has truly blessed you!

    Oh, I miss Arizona so much. I grew up in Phoenix and moved in 1982 but still consider myself a Desert Rat.


  31. Hello! I have blog hopped from Java's blog. lown away by all your beautiful photos.I am now your latest fan/follower and am off to snoop round your blog (hope that's okay).
    Please drop by and visit my blog or follow if you would like.
    Warmest wishes.
    Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com