Friday, January 28, 2011

Foto Friday--After School Photo Essay

What does your house look like after school?
Everybody has to have a snack. Evie has learned to climb anything, especially if there are Cheerios involved.
Or if her big brother is doing it.  She LOVES Hyrum.  She has a special smile and laugh reserved just for him.
Hyrum has become tighter and tighter with his silky.  That thing doesn't leave the house (or the car if I've had to wake him up to go somewhere), and it's getting ratty.  Remember Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom--"Your woobie's lookin' bad, bud."  That's where we're headed, I'm afraid.  Here he is "acting" like he doesn't want me to take his picture.
Big brother's sitting in the chair?  Big brother has his silky?  I'm on it.  And she's started talking.  She can reliably say "DAY-DEE."  That doesn't mean what you think--it's "baby."
Can you guess who this cool dude is?  Armed with a snack, homework folder, and Magic Treehouse, Micah tackles a lot of homework every night.  Twenty minutes of reading (hence, the timer--wouldn't want to read one extra minute now, would we?), and two worksheets plus math facts.  It seems like a lot, but I wish more teachers would do this.  Then the kids get in the habit of working every day after school, before they play.
And here's a photo I've been trying to capture for weeks.  And it's so blurry and bad.  But it caught the action just perfectly.  Imagine it's clear.  Lily has been working on some pretty difficult skills at tumbling.  She's still got a spotter, but this is her back tuck.  She's amazing me.
Where's Ben?  What?  Didn't you see the video yesterday?  Tomorrow's the big day--ninth grade City of Mesa meet.  Can't wait.  It's going to be an exhausting Saturday, but it will be fun.

And not to rub it in or anything, but the weather is spectacular.  I only say that so that I have record of weather happiness when it's August and I can't stand it any longer.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

    Those Denton kids are CUTE!!!


  2. our weather is freaky the 70's...i looked ahead...tues back in the 30's...gotta love texas

    as for all the pics..loved them all....esp lily's tuck! if only i could jump higher than a few inches...she rocked it!

  3. I would love to be enjoying that weather right now! Foggy and cold here.

    Great pictures! Those two little ones are adorable.

    Back tucks! WOW!!!

  4. Go Lil!!!!!! Wish I was there to see her tumble! :)

  5. Thanks for NOT rubbing in your fantastic freaking warm weather. I'm bitter cold here....and the weather is too.

    Cute pictures of that little angel! So darling!

    I love the timer. It made me laugh.

  6. You have such beautiful children- and it's apparent that they're talented too. How'd you manage that?
    and I'm jealous of your beautiful weather.

  7. You know I think all of your kids are beautiful but that little Evie...she's precious! My little sort of namesake. She's a little heartbreaker. :)

  8. oh my goodness that little evie just steals my heart! good luck tomorrow!

  9. you're right. evie does remind me of max. they have the same tiny little frame and face. and hair. i'm crossing my fingers for little pig tails when she's one...but she's one in a week, so i might not get my wish. brennan was supposed to start gymnastics this week, but he has had the cold of death. i haven't heard him cough today, so i think we are set for next week. hurray!

  10. What a fun look at your kids. Evie is getting so big! And I have a scary secret to tell you. Katie had her "nanky" until she went away to college. Then I made her throw it away. But seriously - until then she kept it by her pillow. And it was looking pretty bad...

  11. Just a thought about ratty blankie. When it gets beyond public view, cut a small square out of it, just about the size of his back pocket. He can then carry it around withhim and no one will see it.
    I love that baby sister loves her brother so much, my two youngest are like that.
    We are enjoying some nice weather today as well, probably not Arizona type weather, but I'll take it.
    Have a super day.

  12. Cold and another 15-20 coming. Good God. Love the photos..