Wednesday, January 26, 2011

P Is for PINNED! And a Linky Post Preview

He did it again! 

City wrestling meet is Saturday, and Ben heads in 9-1.  Why does this all make me hold my breath? Can't wait!

Plus, a linky post preview:
I've been thinking about this, and I want to do a link-up post on Tuesday.
We as women are bombarded with images of what perfection should look like.  And, if you're anything like me, it doesn't appear when looking in the mirror.
I spent a good ten minutes staring in the mirror, trying to look past all the flaws and imperfections and issues I wrestle with every day.  I wanted to really SEE myself.  It took me close to five minutes to decide on one facial feature that I consider quite beautiful.

Here's the challenge:
Straight after a shower or after you've washed your face, take some time to really look at that woman in the mirror.  What do you see that's beautiful? Ignore or re-evaluate those things that have always bugged or challenged you. What is your singular, personal element of beauty? Is it skin, ears, hair? Is it wisdom or humor or understanding in your eyes?  We all have one thing that not only makes us individuals.  That one thing makes us beautiful.  What is yours and why?

Come back on Tuesday to link up.  I'll be here.

Jenny Matlock
So many Ps today.  Linking up to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.


  1. Very interesting choice for a linky. I must say, that if we threw away the mirrors and looked into our souls, it would be much easier to find those many characteristics that make us beautiful.


  2. Cant wait! Ill try and link up next Tuesday. It's going to be hard to follow those rules and post about loving myself but I am up for the challenge.
    Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful link up.

  3. Hmmm.... look in the mirror and ignore what I don't like? It shouldn't be too hard if I'm not wearing my glasses. This might be a good link for my Sweet shot tuesday. But then again an unadorned Dana might be a little more than my readers are ready for. We'll have to see! Good luck in the tourney this weekend!

  4. Great- now I have to think, hard. Sheesh Jen, why do you have to be all cool and come up with a really good challenge?

    p.s. Way to go Ben- I smell a wrestling scholarship(and stinky wrestler boy).

  5. I like this. I would also wonder what one attribute others saw of us as an individual. Ex. Do I hate the wrinkles in my eyes but others see them as attractive? Perception is interesting isn't it. I look back at pictures when I was 50 pounds lighter and thinking I was fat. What I would give to be there again.

  6. My face is filled with wrinkles. I am so glad it is. It reminds me that there have been many things to smile at and grin about in my life.

  7. When I told my son that the wrinkles were laugh lines, he said, "Nothing's that funny, Mom!"

  8. Jenny, every time I pull up your site, I get caught off guard by the stunning header that you have! I know I said it before, but boy, you have a beautiful family!!

    Hooray for your wrestler!

    Will try to link up un Tuesday, but I'm sure it won't be a
    (P)retty sight.

  9. Woooooo!!! Go Ben!!!!!!! AWESOME!

    I like watching his matches on video, because then I already know nobody's going to get hurt... Which means I can actually watch, rather than turn my head away every time it looks like it could end badly. :)

  10. Funny...I've done that before....I can look into the mirror when out of the shower and say "Hey you cutie, you!" Bt WHY do I think I'm the ONLY one who would say that???!!?? lol
    Glad I was born into an era where there is make-up!

  11. I have to admit I thought it took so long for Ben to pin his guy yesterday! He is usually done in 30 seconds! Just kidding. He does so awesome and is so strong.

    As for the linky thing - Sadly I like the way I look in the mirror it the camera that LIES!!!!

  12. Lovely idea, we'll see if I can find something to love about this old face.....

  13. oooooh, jen, you host the best linky parties - great topics and always so thought provoking, I love 'em!!

    ps - go ben! woot woot!

  14. Oh, man, that will be impossible!

    Not your wrestler, but the looking in the mirror part!

    Good luck to him by the way!

  15. Wow Ben is really active in sports isn't he? First, football and now wrestling! Way to go Ben!

    Your linky post preview is quite thought provoking. I'm going to have think this one over and hopefully join in on your links :)

  16. Whew! Your Ben's video brings back memories! I would go to our son's high school wrestling matches and even on a rare time video when my hubby was not able to be there, but yet, sometimes I really didnt want to look! Our son did awesome, but still! And he knows how I feel about the wrestling (I can watch others wrestling easier than watching him)...but he always likes to get my reaction when he asks me if he decided to do UFC/mixed martial arts fighting, would I go to watch him? No, thank you!

    Great idea for your linky post.
    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am unexpectedly off from work! yay!!! getting to do some blog visiting, catching up and completing some art orders!

  17. way to go Ben!!!

    i'm going to stop by on Tuesday :)

  18. I know nothing of wrestling but it looks awfully dramatic!

    I like your idea for a linky. Not sure if I would actually be brave enough, though...sigh.

    Thanks for a neat stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "P".

    I always enjoy seeing what you're up to.


  19. I'm old. I see wrinkles. But I'm old enough where I don't care!