Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poor, Poor Petunia

I was hopping in the car, headed to pick up Ben from wrestling.

The garage door was closed, so I pushed the button and got behind the wheel.

As I started to back out, I had a feeling I should check behind the Suburban. Micah and his friends had been playing in the driveway and what if one of them had left something out?

I didn't check.

The casualty?

Petunia. Poor, poor Petunia.

At least I stopped before I did any expensive damage. Just the front rim.

I'll take her to the shop today. Then she'll be good as new, right?



  1. I predict you'll be an obsessive checker from now on and that Petunia will fix up nicely.

  2. Story of my one blog post. The bike clutter in the garage might make me insane before I'm 35.

  3. I agree with Laraine. After that type of incident, I become compulsively careful.

    The carefulness never generalizes, though. Too bad! I have to learn everything one bad move at a time...


  4. Oh no! That happened to my sons bike in my good friends driveway!
    Surely...she'll be just fine!

  5. BOO! That really sucks! Sorry bout that one.

  6. Ouch!!

    I hope she straightens out okay!

  7. Oh seems like just yesterday you were riding her around the neighborhood.

    Oh yeah--it was just yesterday. Too bad her productive morning went awry in the afternoon.

    Don't worry....I'm sure she'll be back on her wheels again soon.

  8. So glad it wasn't any worse. It surely could have been. I agree with Laraine and Sue, you will likely be very compulsive , at least for quite a long time.

  9. I'm glad it was only Petunia. She will heal and be as good as new. Something else might not have. It was your lucky day! And yet...unlucky.

  10. Aww dang! I hate when I don't listen to those promptings. Sorry about pretty petunia's tire.

  11. Darn! It's usually the scooters I run over. They're low profile and I can't ever see them, yet they make the most awful SCRAPING sound when you run over them.

  12. Poor Petunia! Well at least the injury doesn't look too life threatening. She'll be back in no time!

    Don't you just hate it when you don't follow your own instincts? I've kicked myself many times for doing the same thing.